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Cupid's Arrow Cake

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! I’ve been in LA the past couple days getting ready for TODAY’s big “A Star is Born” Operation Shower event, so Valentine’s Day somehow got away from me yesterday with all the last minute details for the event.

I still want to share this adorable DIY guest feature from Abby of Style Me Pretty with you though, because 1) it’s SUPER CUTE, and 2) all of these projects can be tailored to other hearts-and-love-inspired parties too! Think bridal showers, girlie baby showers, and first birthdays.

Read on for full DIY details on all 3 projects, as told by Abby…

Cupid’s Arrow Cake

1. Paint your skewer silver or gold, set aside in a large cup to let dry. You may have to touch up where skewer touches the glass.
2. Using a Large Heart Punch, punch 2 hearts from your glittered card stock or scrapbooking paper.
3. Fold a piece of scrapbook paper or pink paper in half. Cut out a rough, imperfect arrow so that you have 2 separate arrows. Flaws aren’t possible because scrappy = adorable.
4. After your skewer has tried, cut or break it in half.
5. Glue your gold, glitter heart to the tip of your skewer so that each side has glitter on it.
6. Glue your arrows to the other tip.
7. Gently place the arrow adorned skewer down into the top right portion of your cake. Repeat with the glittered heart adorned skewer, placing it upwards into the bottom left portion of your cake.


glittered cupcake topper tutorial

Glittered Heart Cupcake Topper

1. Punch as many hearts as you need to top your cupcake, counting 2 hearts per cake.
2. Adhere two hearts to the lollipop stick so that the glitter is facing outwards.
3. Place into cupcake.


prince and princess diy crown

Prince & Princess Valentine’s Day Crowns

1. Measure your child’s head, then add about 2″ to the total.
2. Cut 4″ wide strips in the desired length from your favorite specialty paper.
3. Wrap the strips to form a circle, then adhere ends using double sided tape, overlapping by 1.5″ or so.
4. Start gussying up your crowns! We use punched out glitter hearts on both of ours, spreading out around by about 1-2″ on one and building up from the center on the other crown. Use your imagination or have your kids design their own!


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