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spring green table setting ideas

Have St. Patty’s Day, Easter, or another spring celebration on your mind? This “Green Theme” tablescape from Southern Living is fantastic inspiration for all of the above!

The fresh, chic vibe of this (completely flower-free) table design is created with clear glass dishes & cylinders, white linens & candles, and LOTS of green foliage – including wheatgrass, fronds, and magnolia leaves.

spring green table setting ideas

You can find inexpensive glass plates & dishes at places like IKEA or HomeGoods.

For the foliage, the best place to start is your own backyard… take a quick peek outside and see what shapes and styles of leaves and grass are available to you for free.

Wheatgrass is typically sold in flats and can be purchased from places like local florists, nurseries, some health food stores, and online. (If you’re feeling extra motivated, you can even buy the seeds and your grow your own!)

spring green table setting ideas

Blades of grass are perfect for embellishing candles and dressing up napkin rings… just remember to be gentle when tying the knots!

spring green table setting ideas

Leaves also make for fabulous place cards and food/drink labels! To add text to the leaves, use a white paint pen or acrylic white paint.


Fore more details, visit SouthernLiving.com.

{Photos by: Van Chaplin}