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Thanksgiving Dessert Table Ideas

Even though Thanksgiving was yesterday, I still want to give a shout-out to party frugalista Norene from Party Pinching for these SUPER CREATIVE Thanksgiving Kids Treat Ideas she sent in! A few of them would actually work well for harvest/farm themed parties hosted at any time of year too… for example – the waffle “corn ears” with fruit roll-up leaves, marshmallow peep turkeys, and cute little “nutty” turkeys!

I often find that looking at outside-the-box ideas for one occasion can spur similar creative thinking for a totally separate occasion too… so hopefully these clever foodie ideas will get your creative juices flowing for holiday dessert tables or another upcoming celebration!

Thanksgiving Dessert Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Dessert Table Ideas

Thanksgiving Dessert Table Ideas

CREATIVE DETAILS, as told by Norene

“As a kid, I never liked pumpkin pie (although I adore it now) and after the big feast, I would just dig right into my Halloween bag of candy because the desserts offered just seemed so grown-up. So this table is geared towards children.

I made cornucopias out of ice cream cones dipped in chocolate and leaf sprinkles. I filled them with popcorn, pretzel sticks and jelly beans – a nod to my favorite Thanksgiving show ,’A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’.

I also made marshmallow turkeys out of Peeps. Complete how-to’s are included in my eBook along with the nutty turkeys I made which look great as decor but you could also use them place card holders!

I grabbed all of the green apple taffy leftover from Halloween, softened it in the microwave, rolled them in little balls and dipped them in caramel. Ta-da! Little caramel apple pops. Kids LOVE these.

The sugar cookies were so fun to make, a little sweet version of Thanksgiving dinner!
I also made ‘corn’ out of waffles, brushed lightly with maple syrup,  dusted them with sprinkles and  wrapped the sides with green fruit roll ups.

Cupcakes with cute toppers I designed myself – these downloadable toppers are free with the eBook purchase.

Finally, I had to make little pumpkin pie tartlets. Mostly for me.”

For more clever edible ideas from Norene, check out the cute food page on her blog… I’m especially LOVING the “eggs and bacon” cupcake/candy plate!

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