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Tonya Coleman here from Soireé Event Design, and I’m back with the “Trend Alert” where I share with you some of the hottest trends in party planning! Today’s guest post is all about the hot new trend — Video Game Truck Parties! Kids have been asking for video game parties for quite some time now but NOW the new trend is having these Video Game Trucks come to your party where you and your guests can play video games together inside the truck with laser light shows and stereo sound creating the ultimate video game party experience.

At the forefront of this trend is Games 2 U who specialize in bringing the mobile entertainment to your party. They make it super easy to host the ultimate video game party experience as they have outdoor activities that can complement your favorite video game theme. Check out how I used this trend to create the ultimate Army video game themed party experience.




Video Game Truck Party!

The party begins when the truck rolls up and sets up in minutes. Inside, up to 12 guests can play on flat screen TVs and outside there are 3 screens used to play video games that require more space to move around like Let’s Dance and Rock Band. The truck is equipped with all of the latest video game systems and games so you can have multiple games playing at once so all your guests both kids and adults can play the games together. Perfect for my party as this was a going away party for my son who is joining the Navy and my nephew’s 13th birthday party so we had lots of age ranges at the party.


Gear Up! Video Game Army Bunker

After the guests were done with the 40 minutes of video game play they entered into the Army Gear UP Bunker which was a themed Army table full of military dress up items for each guest including camouflage shorts, shirts, dog tags, hats, sunglasses and a special backpack from Birthday Express for the birthday boy!



Video Game Laser Tag!

Once everyone was “Geared Up” it was time for Laser Tag! Outside we went to a full laser tag course set up by Games 2 U complete with bunkers and digital laser tag guns that make it possible to play outside in the daytime. They actually count down and vibrate when you get tagged so you can keep track of your progress. This was SO MUCH fun for both kids and adults.

To make it even more fun, I ordered these cool velcro backed skull patches from Magplates in 2 colors (green and tan) so each team had their own color. The 2 team captains wore these cool Bastion t-shirts that have velcro on the sleeves so they could place their teams’ patch on their sleeves. The rest of the team simply adhered their patches to their shirts or hats with velcro tape.





Video Game Water Tag!

What a great way to end the party with a good ol’ fashioned water tag game! After working up quite a sweat after running around playing laser tag, the kids changed into their bathing suits and suited up in their Water Tag suits. Games 2 U provides the water tag suits and water blasters and the best part…the adults can play too. Even though most of the adults opted to hang out on the deck and launch water balloons at the kids on the course below. SO MUCH FUN!



Want to see more? Click over to my blog here to see LOTS more photos and all my girlfriend tips on how you can pull off this ultimate party for your teen or tween.

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