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Valentine’s Day Centerpiece: Plant One On Me!

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Valentine's Day Centerpiece

Get ready for a super cute (and SIMPLE!) idea that’s guaranteed to make your party guests – or house guests – smile. 😉💋

I recently designed a “plant one on me” sign for our new Love Potion party collection, and couldn’t resist the idea of pairing it with an actual PLANT! And also with some Hershey’s Kisses to further play up the pun. 😘🍫

This playful centerpiece only took a few minutes to create, and of course, can be modified however you like. For a large Valentine’s Day party or love themed bridal shower, maybe REALLY pile on the chocolate kisses and make this idea part of your candy buffet!

A whole sweets spread with lots of plants & lip-shaped treats would be SO cute, don’tcha think? 😍

Valentine's Day Centerpiece




  • Decorative house plant OR stems arranged in a decorative planter
  • Lips cut-out (patch, sticker, or paper)
  • 4×6 sign from the Love Potion collection
  • 4×6 frame
  • Hershey kisses 
  • Confetti (optional)


1. Add lips to your decorative planter. (I used a lips patch here, which already had a sticky back. If needed, you can use glue dots or a small dab of hot glue to attach it.) 

2. Print & cut the “plant one on me” sign from the Love Potion collection. 💕

3. Display the sign right next to the plant. I used a double-sided Tolsby frame here. 

4. Sprinkle the area around the plant and sign with confetti and Hershey kisses! (You can also display the Hershey kisses in a bowl instead of sprinkling them confetti style.)

Tips & Extra Notes:

If using greenery stems, don’t be afraid to mix the styles! I used a few different stems that I already had on hand for this centerpiece, and I love the mix of textures they created. Feels more fitting for the theme, too… almost like a variety of “potion ingredients”.

This concept would also make for super cute banquet table centerpieces at a Love Potion or love-themed bridal shower! For this type of use, I’d recommend using smaller plants so that the height doesn’t interfere with guest conversations. If doing multiple tables, it would also look great to mix up the planter colors and designs for added variety in the decor.

Another fun idea to really get creative: follow the lead of the 4×6 sign and add lips and hearts to the plant, ornament-style! Kind of like little “love flowers” blossoming all over the plant. 😉

Valentine's Day Centerpiece

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