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superhero vintage party with bright drinks and green straws

Calling all Superheros… there has been a SWEETS EXPLOSION! From top to bottom, Debbie of Wants and Wishes did a BANG up job with this creative & colorful, Lichtenstein-inspired Vintage Superhero Party collection. This would make a fun celebration for any superhero loving boy or girl!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Comic style decorative explosions + POW, ZAP, & BOOM
  • Easy themed treats like POPcorn bags and custom-wrapped “Super” Crunch bars
  • Bright blue Hero Drinks and Hero H20 to wash it all down!

superhero vintage party dessert table

superhero vintage party sweets table

superhero vintage party cupcake liners

superhero vintage party candy bar label

superhero vintage party cupcake toppers

superhero vintage party with rainbow lollipops

superhero vintage party with popcorn bags

superhero vintage party amazing printables


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Debbie

For the decor and decoration I was inspired by Vintage comics and Roy Lichtenstein. His style is the perfect balance between Vintage, Retro and Modern, so we wanted to keep it simple, but colorful to really let the printables and sweets take center stage.

For the backdrop we use a large polka dot print in orange to make it a little bit more fun instead of using the traditional red, blue and yellow color schemes. We placed our large conversation bubble: “Calling all Superheroes: there’s been a SWEETS EXPLOSION…. Help us eat them before it’s too late!” and our smaller explosion/crash signs with “Zap”, “Pow”, “Boom”, birthday boys name and age with white clouds and lightening bolts to create an explosion.

The sweets we choose to create the sweets explosion were confetti filled cupcakes, “pop”corn, large swirly lollipops, “Super” Crunch bars wrapped with our candy wrappers and favors filled with colorful delights to give energy back to our Superheroes. For refueling we had mini HERO H20 water bottles and antidote to Kryptonite drinks.

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