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3rd birthday construction party dessert table and striped cake

Move over or prepare to get bulldozed with creativity, because this fantastic Warning Striped Vintage Construction Party is coming through! ;) Denise of Dots n Spots added some unique touches to take this birthday party to the next level – from rustic, industrial style decor to my personal favorite detail: the super cool bulldozer topped cake that’s striped inside and out. Now hold on to your hats and dig in to this adorable party!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Hard hat cake pops + customized hard hats & work vests for each guest
  • Industrial style dessert cart, vintage construction toys, and blackboard style signage
  • Black and yellow treats like yellow jelly pots & construction striped chocolate dipped spoons
  • Favor bags embellished with measuring tape + straws adorned with “Keep Out” party flags

hard hat cake pops

hard hat construction party decor

kids construction party decor and cake topper

construction party chalkboard invitation

black and yellow striped drinks station


mini mince pies and other party food

boys construction party cake

yellow jelly pot and other party food

construction party desserts and cake

construction or school party favors


PARTY DETAILS as told by Denise

Luke is very much a “boys” boy so I wanted a theme that reflected him as well as the age and stage he is at. With my little twist (adding in the vintage blackboard style), construction was just the thing.

The invitations set the scene, inviting guests to join Luke’s very own Construction Company. On arrival at the party, each guest was presented with their own hard hat and high-vis vest, each adorned with the Luke & Co Construction logo.

The “look” was created using a mix of old and new pieces, but all with a rustic touch. An old cable drum, vintage industrial shelves and vintage toys and tools were complimented by decorative touches of black and yellow — jumbo and standard balloons, chevron straws and washi tape — and blackboard style signs, tags and food labels.

Luke’s birthday treats included Jelly Pots, Chocoloate Spoons, Cupcakes, Swizzle Sticks, Mini Mince Pies, Sausage Rolls, Hard Hat Pops and Caramel Popcorn. The “workers” also enjoyed orange juice in mini glass bottles.

To top it all off was a two-tier cake, complete with loader. The black and yellow striped base layer was even striped inside!

Treasure Hunt: In keeping with the theme, we made a “Tool Checklist” lanyard for each guest, with four different tools pictured. Those same pictures were laminated and hidden around the yard, with each guest having to find one of each tool to stick on their checklist. They then received toolbox squirters as their reward.

Pinata: A homemade road cone piñata was filled with bouncy balls, tool tattoos and sweets. What fun they had trying to smash it open!

All the favours they collected were popped into a treat box complete with a ‘Thank You’ tag to take home with them. They also got to keep their hat and vest.

Pinata: I had a very sweet friend make this for me. Starting with a cardboard cone shape, layers of newspaper then orange tissue were added to build the road cone. The cardboard was then removed and the paper mache cone stuck to a square box for the base. More paper mache was added, then fringed tissue for the top layer, complete with “reflective” stripes. We put a heavy weight inside the box base to keep it stable while the littlies swung at it with a bat!

Treasure Hunt: Our slightly modified treasure hunt used laminated swing tags with the logo on one side and a tool checklist of four little pictures on the other. The same pictures were laminated and cut up to be hidden. Double-sided tape was used on each so they could be stuck to the swing tag as they were found. When they had collected all four tools, they got their prize.

We had fun with the black and yellow washi tape —warning stripes and ruler designs — decorating spoon handles, mini glass pots, treat boxes etc.

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