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A Modern Witch Inspired Halloween Party

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Modern Witch Halloween Ideas

Welcome, my pretties…

I’m super excited to share this “Modern Witch” inspired Halloween party with you! 🎃

Since this was a get-together for both kids and adults, our witch-inspired details are definitely on the friendlier side (even with all the big plastic spiders lurking about… 🕷👻). Despite these more-friendly-than-wicked vibes, though, I wanted to make sure the party was appealing to all ages. A contemporary design style mixed with lots of bold black and white in the decor seemed to do the trick!

Witch Halloween Printables

My Modern Witch printables are available in our store! Use them to add instant style and personalized details to your party. 🙌 You can edit the custom text yourself whenever (and as often as) you need to! Click here to shop this collection.

Modern Witch Halloween Party Printables

Strategic pops of bright orange and “witch green” were introduced via treats, small details, and fun drinks. (Speaking of fun drinks, you’ll find lots of creative Halloween cocktail and mocktail ideas below! I used single-step mixers from Master of Mixes to make each one super easy to recreate.)

modern black and orange halloween decorations

Witches, Skeletons, and Lights… oh my!

There are so many different elements you can use for Halloween decorating that things can actually get a little overwhelming, and quick. To keep this from happening, I *hocus-focused* in on just a few things: witch-inspired elements (hats, black cats, brooms, etc) + skeletons and playful lights.

Animal skeletons are still super popular this year (you’re probably seeing them everywhere!), and some of ours got dressed up for the party with mini witch hats. The tiny felt hats are from an inexpensive garland that I took apart and used to decorate the skeletons & some DIY headbands for guests. For the lighting, we had letter marquee lights that spelled out CANDY, light-up ice cubes for the drinks, and string lights in the backyard – which ALWAYS creates a fun vibe! 🙌

diy witch broomstick treats

Witch’s Brew Punch

And now onto the drinks… first up is the kids punch! (Honestly, this Witch’s Brew Punch could EASILY translate to a tasty Halloween cocktail too… just add vodka. The Master of Mixes mixers do not contain any alcohol themselves.) This bright green drink is super yummy and made from only 3 ingredients:

Pour everything into a drink dispenser or punch bowl and stir it up. Add dry ice for a bubbly presentation!

Kids Halloween Punch Green

CHEERS to tasty punch! I set the punch on a mini drink station area for the kids, which made it easy for them to self-serve. (This also kept their drinks nicely separated from the adult beverages!)

Up top, the kids drink cart had the punch, cups, and fun extras like gummy candy garnishes and plastic bugs. The lower level of the cart had flavored waters and mini soda cans in colors/flavors that matched the party palette.

Kids Halloween Drink Station

P.S. Click here to see additional details on the Kids Drink Station & Witch’s Brew Punch in a separate post. :)

Easy Halloween Cocktails

To keep the adult drinks fun AND stress-free, I went for super simple recipes dressed up with “spooktacular” garnishes. Seriously… all 4 of the (super tasty) signature drinks were made from just 1 Master of Mixes mixer flavor + 1 type of alcohol. No one complained that there weren’t 45 steps or ingredients to their cocktail… and I certainly didn’t mind keeping my grocery list short! 😉✅

Spooky Sangria

Does it feel like something is watching you? Well… this creepy concoction (made from Master of Mixes Red Sangria + red wine) is actually doing just that! Carved apples with “jack-o-lantern” faces make the real Halloween magic happen here, but blood oranges and blackberries do a pretty good job of adding an “ewww” factor too…

Halloween Sangria Cocktail

Tip: We made one batch of this Spooky Sangria where the fruit only soaked for a couple hours, and another one where it chilled overnight. I actually preferred the look of the first version (picture above) because the apples stand out more when they haven’t soaked up too much of the red wine color. The color contrast is better against the liquid that way. If you want more of a gory look to your punch though – soak them overnight in the refrigerator to get the apple faces disturbingly blood-red. 😱

A Witch Inspired Drink Station

The other 3 signature drinks were set up on a separate drink station themed around witches and cauldrons and potions! An 8×10 drink sign (which is included with the printables and EDITABLE!) invited guests to “pick their potion”…

The witch-inspired signature drinks were given a fun name for the party (of course!). 😉

On the Menu:

Black Magic Margarita

Passionate Witch

Pina Ghoulada

The “speared eyeball” garnish is an old favorite of mine made from canned lychee fruit with red jam and a blueberry in the middle. It’s the perfect accent for a frosty “Pina Goulada”, don’t you think?

Halloween Cocktail with Eyeball Garnish

Witch Cauldron Display

One of the first things that came to mind while I was dreaming up this witch themed party was some sort of cauldron display with balloon “bubbles” floating above. I ended up using a large silver champagne bucket that I already owned as my “cauldron”, but a novelty Halloween cauldron would work great with this concept too!

The balloons are attached to fishing wire (which is threaded through the tails a couple times with a needle) and taped to the ceiling.

Halloween Drink Station Cocktails

The drink station was also organized into 3 main sections: spirits on the left, mixers at center, and bar tools/garnishes to the right. I really wanted to stick to the party’s color palette here, so alcohol and mixers were poured into decanters and given themed labels. (The labels are also included in the Modern Witch printables.)

There was definitely no problem finding cute witch themed cocktail napkins to match… especially at this time of year!

Witch Cocktail Party Ideas

Witch Vibes

I found a bunch of cute witch themed decor on Amazon – like this glittery “cheers witches” banner and a bunch of inexpensive witch hats. The witch hats + fishing wire made for super fun “floating witch hats” that hung all around our house.

Easy Floating Witch Hats

Witch Crafts & Activities

When it comes to family-friendly parties, I like to have a few activities designed specifically for the kids. Adults are pretty easy to keep happy with food and drinks (and conversation), but kids – especially younger ones – usually need some extra stuff to keep them busy. (Plus it’s WAY more fun for the adults when the kids are busy too! LOL)

A sneak peek of the activities is below, and the “Resting Witch Face” Dress Up Station and DIY Halloween Glitter Globes are also covered in detail separately.

Witch Themed Activity Ideas - Halloween

“Sweets Spell” Dessert Station

No Halloween party would be complete without treats… and CANDY! Our “Sweets Spell” Dessert Station was a mix of store-bought goodies and easy homemade treats like Graveyard Cupcakes and “Witch Brooms” (made from Reese’s + candy melts + Pocky sticks).

A sneak peek is below – click here for a closer look at all the treats!

Modern Halloween Dessert Table Ideas

CHEERS to Halloween! Whether it’s one spooky drink, a full party or anywhere in between, hope you found something here that helps you get into the SPIRIT of things! 👻🎃😉.

Witch Halloween Party Printables

My Modern Witch printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to shop now.

Modern Witch Halloween Party Printables

Disclosure: I’ve teamed up with Master of Mixes on this post and other creative ideas this year. You can learn more about our current partnership right here. Heartfelt thanks to our readers for supporting the brands that make it possible to keep sending creative inspiration your way. 💛


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    Hi there!
    Did you place the dry ice in the punch bowl?

    • jenn s. October 14, 2019 at 4:37 am

      Yep! We had it in a punch bowl and the drink dispenser but didn’t ladle any directly into an individual drink. (This wasn’t an issue with the drink dispenser version at all because none of the ice comes through the spout.) It’s safe to put in drinks, but you want to avoid it touching bare skin. This is a great article to reference for best practices with dry ice. :)

  2. Yajaira P. October 23, 2019 at 10:33 pm

    Thank you so much!

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