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Modern Witch Party Activity: Dress-Up Station

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This “Resting Witch Face” Dress Up Station is a fun & easy activity idea for Halloween parties or play dates! 🎃

And you can definitely tailor it for any age group… The station at our Modern Witch Inspired Party ended up being more for the kids, but I can TOTALLY see grown-up girlfriends having a blast with this station too. Especially with a Passionate Witch or Black Magic Margarita in hand. 😉

P.S. You can find my Resting Witch Face sign + all my other Modern Witch printables (including editable pieces!) in Design Hero.

100% That Witch

The general idea for this station is simple… just set out some witch-inspired beauty items and accessories like green makeup, face jewels, temporary tattoos and witch hats. I made 2 styles of witch hat headbands out of paper party hats and a felt mini witch hat garland (from Michaels) that I took apart. These smaller witch hats are hot glued to inexpensive black satin headbands from Amazon.

If your kids aren’t super young, they can do their own and each others’ witch makeup! Most of the kids at our party were between 7 and 9. The great thing about witch makeup is it can kinda be anything you want. 💚

The green face glitter and face gems were definitely a hit. I guess witches like sparkly things too! 😆

All of our witch makeup & tattoo kits were purchased at Target, except for the green face glitter (Amazon). I bought an inexpensive set of makeup brushes on Amazon too – it was only $11 for 15 brushes. (Didn’t want to worry about destroying our regular brushes with thick black and green face paint!)

The silver and black witch party hats are Meri Meri brand. I found this set at Marshall’s. You can find other versions of witch-shaped party hats online though, or even make your own if you’re feeling *crafty*. 😉

Cheers, My Pretties!

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Witch Halloween Party Printables

Printables are my favorite *secret weapon* for adding unique style to any celebration! Click here to customize & download my Modern Witch Halloween Party collection for your own party – instantly, online. 🤗

Modern Witch Halloween Party Printables

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