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Kids Witch Costume and Drink

Looking for a fun kids drink idea for Halloween? This “Witch’s Brew” Sour Apple Punch was a big hit for us! It’s kid-friendly the way we made it, but you could very easily turn it into a cocktail for the grown-ups too. 😉

Added bonus: are just 3 ingredients! I tried it 2 different ways, though – once with pineapple juice as the 3rd ingredient, and once with lime-aid.

Both tasted great, but the lime-aid version stayed a vibrant bright green color (the pineapple juice version turns the punch more yellow-green), so lime-aid was the winner in our book. 🏆

The recipe is below, along with some easy ideas for garnishing the punch and styling up a matching drink station….

Kids Halloween Drink Station

Sour Apple Witch’s Brew Punch

Pour everything into a drink dispenser or punch bowl and stir it up.
Garnish with gummy worms… *WITCH* is very fitting for a “sour apple” or “bad apple” punch, right?! 😉🐛🍏

Witch's Brew Halloween Punch Recipe


BTW – You can also find my printable Punch Label (plus lots of other matching Modern Witch party printables!) in my online store.

Spook It Up with Dry Ice

Nothing says “Witch’s Brew” for Halloween like dry ice bubbling out of the punch! It doesn’t last a super long time, but it sure looks awesome while it’s going. (Plus, the “oooohs!” from the kids are pretty awesome too!) If you have any questions about using dry ice in your drinks, this article has lots of great info.

It was hard to capture the dry ice smoke on camera when the sun was still out, but you can see it in the image below. It billowed way past just the top of the dispenser though. If you have a mini fan on a low setting that you can aim towards the smoke, that ups the wow factor too.

Green Halloween Punch with Dry Ice

Light up ice cubes were a fun addition too! I dropped a few extras into the punch… and the rest went directly into the individual drinks. ✨

Kids Halloween Drink Station

I set the kids drinks up on a small bar cart to keep them separate from the adult beverages. (It’s amazing how many different uses a simple bar cart has served at our parties over the years… for everything from craft stations to drinks to a place to hold the buffet dishes.)

The Witch’s Brew Punch went up top, along with the cups, napkins, and garnishes… and some plastic creepy crawlies and wall bats just for fun. This is HALLOWEEN, after all! ;) Mini sodas and flavored waters in color-coordinating cans were down at the bottom.

Kids Halloween Party Drink Ideas

Cheers to fun drinks for Halloween! 👻

P.S. Check out my Modern Witch Party (sneak peek below) and “Sweets Spell” Dessert Station posts for lots more fun witch-inspired ideas!

modern black and orange halloween decorations

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