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Adventures in the Kitchen

Adventures in the Kitchen

Author: Cheri Liefeld

Website: Adventures in the Kitchen

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Adventures in the Kitchen is the tasty food blog of Cheri Liefeld, a cooking instructor and former personal chef. Her passion for cooking led her to start this blog in 2008 to share her recipes with friends and family. Her belief is that much of life takes place around the table.

Simple but delicious recipes fill Adventures in the Kitchen. The recipes feature fresh, seasonal ingredients. Cheri loves to encourage others to get cooking and create their own adventures in the kitchen.

About the Author:

Cheri Liefeld lives in Southern California where she grew up playing in the kitchen. She has been hosting dinner parties since she was in college and loves gathering people together to share great food and conversation.

She works in marketing for a local non profit. After work she can be found writing, trying out new recipes and teaching cooking classes.