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Culinary Adventures of a New Wife

Culinary Adventures of a New Wife

Author: Sharon Giljum

Website: Culinary Adventures of a New Wife

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Culinary Adventures of a New Wife started when a newlywed named Sharon received a lot of bright and shiny kitchen gifts from her wedding. Armed with a sweet red Kitchen Aid and all the Calphalon pots a girl could ever want, Sharon set out to conquer the kitchen and have some fun along the way. Using her wonderful husband as her guinea pig, Culinary Adventures of a New Wife features fresh foods from all around the world, unique but accessible ingredients, and lots of decadent desserts!

About the Author:

Sharon’s insatiable desire for all things sweet is tamed merely by her affinity towards health and wellness. As such, she prides herself on cooking delicious, nutritious, low-fat meals, so that she & her hubby can indulge in gobs of dessert afterwards. Yes, gobs.

Sharon is a firm believer that

* Wine falls under the “fruit and vegetable” food group. 5 servings a day, folks.
* Calories don’t count if you eat them off someone else’s plate
* Rice Krispy treats are absolutely part of a complete, balanced breakfast.

Sharon thinks food should be fun. Playing with her own food, on a daily basis, has yielded an abundance of creative twists on traditional culinary favorites.