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Good Things Catered

Good Things Catered

Author: Katie D

Website: Good Things Catered

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Classic, elegant, and simply scrumptious food takes on a whole new twist with Good Things Catered. Author Katie D, a former professional caterer who loves entertaining friends and family, serves up recipes for crowd-pleasing main courses, refreshing salads, tantalizing desserts, and more. Casual entertaining at it's best, Good Things Catered offers simple recipes and elegant menu ideas that are sure to inspire you to invite friends and family for a memorable evening!

About the Author:

Growing up in a Lebanese kitchen, food and entertaining has always gone hand in hand. Cooking and baking the foods that my friends and family love is the most rewarding way I can display love and appreciation. After years of experimenting, renovating and digging up old family recipes I turned from casual cook to professional caterer and back again to the casual entertainer I am today. I want to bring my kitchen to yours, but you still have to clean the dishes!