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Hooked on Heat

Hooked on Heat

Author: Meena Agarwal

Website: Hooked on Heat

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It’s all about the Heat!

who’s the girl?

As a little kid, Meena still remembers sneaking her Mom’s favourite wok and ladle into her room and pretending that she had her own cooking show, happily chatting away to the “camera” while she stirred and added the imaginary ingredients. A magician in the kitchen and her biggest inspiration, Meena loved watching her mom in the kitchen preparing delicious and fulfilling meals with ease. Though cooking had always been a hobby, she only began to take it seriously when she moved out of home and into a hostel for college. Unwilling to survive on tasteless meals provided by the hostel cafeteria, she decided to wear the apron and armed with a ladle got to work. Nine years later, she is finally convinced of her talent.

With her Mom being Malaysian, her Dad an Indian, her growing up in the Middle East and having been in Canada for the last few years, her recipes reflect the eclectic tastes that she has gathered along the way. Apart from cooking, she also does a lot of freelance writing, photography and design, but her secret ambition remains to have her very own restaurant!

Not one to resist any spicy treat, Meena is obsessed with flavour even, if not especially, in simple foods. She believes that even a simple quick meal can be made to feel special, and a little spice never hurt anyone, now did it? This food blog is an attempt at sharing Meena’s creativity and love of food with everyone. It’is a food journal with many little notes that she hopes would come in very handy when she finally writes her own cookbook.

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