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My Kitchen Cafe

My Kitchen Cafe

Author: Melanie Gunnell

Website: My Kitchen Cafe

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My Kitchen Café is a home-grown food blog created and authored by Melanie Gunnell, a talented self-taught home cook. It began simply as a way for Melanie to categorize and keep her personal favorite recipes in one central place NOT located in her tiny kitchen. Now, several years later, the blog still houses Melanie’s tried-and-true recipes as well as the new, family-friendly dishes she has made, loved, and can’t wait to pass on to everyone who stops by. My Kitchen Café is filled with simple, healthy, family-friendly recipes and is updated with new recipes several times a week. Having four children in five years helps Melanie understand the challenges of an everyday mom trying to cook for her family. Consider her your best ally when it comes to dishing up fabulous, tasty food for your loved ones. She’ll help you create delicious meals and treats for your family in the easiest way possible that will make you look like a pro!

About the Author:

Melanie Gunnell was raised in Texas, Oklahoma and Montana, and is currently settled in Wisconsin with her husband and four sons. She has a B.S. degree in Public Health and while she stays at home full-time now, she is extremely thankful for her college education and the food safety permit training that occurred (along with other important courses, of course). No cross-contamination going on in her kitchen, thank you very much!

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