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The Comfort of Cooking

The Comfort of Cooking

Author: Georgia Johnson

Website: The Comfort of Cooking

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About the Author:

Georgia Johnson grew up on a farm surrounded by fruits, vegetables and fresh eggs, but she didn’t know the first thing about making a delicious dish out of them back then. It wasn’t until she started living on her own in the city – first Boston, now with her husband Mark in Los Angeles – that she began spending more time in the kitchen, learning about food and creating tasty meals, sweets and other treats for herself, friends and family.
Placing an emphasis on fresh, easy-to-find ingredients, Georgia caters to the home cook who enjoys creating simple and delicious meals from scratch, and those who, like her, are working within a small space without a lot of elbow room or large kitchen equipment.
Georgia believes that cooking, baking and enjoying good food can bring people together any day of the week, not just on holidays, and she often offers cooking tips and tricks to those in her personal life, and readers of her blog, The Comfort of Cooking.