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What's Gaby Cooking

What's Gaby Cooking

Author: Gaby Dalkin

Website: What's Gaby Cooking

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What's Gaby Cooking is a fun and fresh food blog authored by Gaby Dalkin, a culinary student and personal chef. What's Gaby Cooking is all about Gaby's adventures in the kitchen and in culinary school. She documents each week at culinary school and shows her readers some of the classic cuisine that she learns. What's Gaby Cooking is also a place where you can find her latest recipes that she develops as well as her food photography which has been said to make your mouth water from just a quick glance.

About the Author:

Gaby Dalkin was born in Chicago IL, but grew up in Tucson, AZ where she was influenced by all the southwestern flavors and different types of cuisine. She then moved to San Francisco, CA where she attended college and majored in Business and Marketing. It was during college where Gaby realized her passion for food and started to study nutrition and learn to make healthy and affordable means on a college students budget. After graduating college in 2008 Gaby moved to Los Angeles where she attends Culinary School. Gaby works as a personal chef, freelance food stylist and is currently working on her first cookbook about how "Not to gain the Freshman 15" while in college.