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About Design Hero

Design Hero is an All-Access Pass
to my ENTIRE LIBRARY of exclusive printable designs
PLUS the power to customize them yourself.

Design Hero is an All-Access Pass to my ENTIRE LIBRARY of exclusive printable designs PLUS the power to customize them yourself.

Back in 2006, I founded HWTM on the idea of making creative entertaining easier and more accessible. And Design Hero genuinely feels like our BIGGEST stride yet towards making that happen! 🙌 I’ve been dreaming about bringing you this solution for what feels like forever because I just KNOW it will serve you well! 💛

Design Hero puts the power of expert-level design and personalization right in YOUR hands… no graphic design skills required. (I have more than 20 years of graphic design experience myself, so I can handle that part for ya. 😉)

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose ANY design from the Design Hero library.

  • Download it instantly – or customize it first, then download.

  • Print it out (or send it digitally) and BRING THE FUN!

Here’s a peek at our *SUPER* easy online customizer in action:
(You can also watch a video tutorial of the Customizer here.)

I’m talking instant, tangible results here…

which is especially awesome when you’re pressed for time! (And aren’t we all these days? *raises hand*)

What else do you need to make this creative magic happen?
Just simple things like good quality paper + access to a printer. (Although, some items like invitations and cards can just be emailed/texted, too.) 

And if you don’t have a home printer, a local print shop like Staples or FedEx Office. works great too! They usually print the same day or within 24 hours. You can upload files to Staples, or email them to FedEx Office.

BTW – I always use THIS matte photo paper from Staples when printing designs at home. It produces amazing quality prints & has been my go-to for years.

And I’m currently using & loving this printer.

Also – I can promise you THIS: Every single design in the library is something I’ve poured my whole ❤️ into (usually while glued to my gold-and-white desk chair, armed with generous amounts of Diet Coke and foil-wrapped chocolates *creative fuel*) 😉 I really mean it though… creating designs that make people happy has become my mission in life, and I genuinely care about making this experience great for you.

I want my designs to serve you well & help you do fun things like…

  • make your guest of honor’s face light up at the sight of their name ON the party decor
  • make your kid’s face light up at that cute surprise note card in their lunch box
  • put the perfect finishing touches on your awesome dessert table (hey thanks, Fancy Labels and Tent Cards!)
  • feel super confident that your next party, gift, or kind gesture – whatever it may be – is going to look thoughtful and super cute. (Because it will! You’ve got the tools to make it happen.)

So let’s do this, party people! Click here to get started.

Jennifer SbrantiDesign Hero from HWTM