The following is a list of the types of work we do. Please click here for more work examples. We are always open to discussing custom campaigns and fresh ideas that best fit the needs of our clients and brand partners. Some clients hire us to create original content for their own website and marketing campaigns, while others opt for the content to live on our blog. For more information, please contact [email protected]


Styled Party Station

Design & production of one specific party area – such as a tablescape, drink station, activity station, or dessert table – that incorporates the client’s product in a creative manner. Includes 12+ images and corresponding text. Can also be paired with a DIY tutorial.

Example A  |  Example B  |  Example C

Full Custom Party Theme

Design & production of an entire party theme that incorporates the client’s product in a creative manner. This is a comprehensive styling package that yields 40+ images and includes everything from food and drink inspiration to decorations, activities, and favors. Optional add-ons available such as DIY tutorials, extra images, and extended editorial.

Example A  |  Example B  |  Example C

Editorial-Style Theme

Series of individual, yet coordinating ideas tailored to a specific theme and occasion. Ideas are delivered as individual beauty shot(s) with descriptive captions or instructions. This content works well as as a robust editorial piece or coordinated series of social media images.

Example A  |  Example B  |  Example C

DIY Projects (Individual or Series)

Decor, craft, or recipe projects incorporating the client’s product in a creative manner. DIY Tutorials can be presented as finished projects with beauty shots + written instructions, or as step-by-step projects with additional “how to” photos. Prices vary depending on the complexity of the project.

Example A  |  Example B  |  Example C



Media Event Styling

We design highly creative atmospheres for brand events geared towards media, influencers, and consumers. Strong emphasis is placed on unique elements & activities that encourage guests to share their event experience via social & traditional media platforms.


Corporate & Philanthropy Event Styling

We help bring corporate & philanthropic events to life in fresh, unique, and imaginative ways.


Spokesperson Services

Brand Ambassador Services

Graphic Design for Events

Creative Direction/Consulting