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cute baby shower centerpiece idea

Here’s a fun centerpiece idea from a baby shower that I styled a while back (photo gallery here)…  These are soooo easy to whip out once you have all the elements in front of you – and can easily be tailored to match any paper pattern & color palette!

This design is also a great option for quick & affordable “mass” production due to the minimal amount of fresh flowers and candy that you actually need per centerpiece. (Most of the pot is filled with floral foam; there’s just a small layer of candy to cover it.)

cute baby shower centerpiece idea

And to help tie these in with the rest of your party, you can make additional “paper flowers” in smaller sizes to use as cupcake toppers OR a mix of small & large flowers to create an entire “flower bed” cake topper!

Find all the DIY details + free word label downloads below! 



You’ll need:
decorative paper – ideally with 2-sided printing
3″ circle punch
word labels (download below)
white lollipop stick
plant pot
floral foam + 2 floral picks*
filler candy
2 individual flowers
scissors and glue dots (or hot glue)

optional: beaded curtain strands or pretty ribbon for embellishment

1. Make the paper flowers: Punch out circles for the tops and cut out simple leaf shapes. Glue both pieces to the lollipop stick to create the “flower”. The paper used here is Boughs of Whimsy by Whimsy Press.

2. Print & trim out the “word labels”. Create the white border on the labels by leaving a little white space around the edge of the label when trimming it out. I’ve included free downloads in various colors for BABY/GIRL, BABY/BOY, and BRIDE/LOVE at the bottom of this post.

3. Fill the pot with floral foam, making sure the fit is snug. Fill 2 floral picks with water and add a flower to each of them. Insert them into the floral foam near the edge of the pot so that they kind of “spill out” of one side.

4. Insert a paper flower into the foam, then hide the foam and floral picks with a layer of your candy. (I used red licorice wheels & red gumballs at this baby shower.)

5. Decorate the pot with ribbon or strands from a beaded curtain, as pictured here. (If you use beaded curtain strands you’ll have tons of leftover strands to use for napkin rings, hanging decor, etc!)

cute baby shower centerpiece idea

*In lieu of the floral picks, you can sometimes just wet the floral foam to keep the flowers fresh. However, this will only work with certain types of filler candy because the wetness from the foam can make some types of candy coating start to bleed (i.e. m&ms, gumballs).



Click on a link to download:

BABY/GIRL in Pink & Red

BABY/BOY in Navy & Light Blue

BRIDE/LOVE in Pink & Red

BRIDE/LOVE in Navy & Light Blue


P.S. The blue tags (baby boy or bride) would coordinate well with these double-sided papers by Whimsy Press: Hydrangea & Snow Birds

{Photography by: Jillian Bisinger}