DIY Project: Gorgeous Sienna Easter Eggs

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Natural Dyed Sienna Brown Easter Eggs

If you love the idea of coloring Easter Eggs, but want to create something a little more sophisticated than what the average store-bought kit can produce… GOOD NEWS! These chic sienna Easter eggs from floral design guru Kim Foren are gorgeous, easy and non toxic – and they don artsy botanical motifs that are decidedly grown up!

Kim shares the full DIY details below for these pretty little gems, which would make a lovely addition to any Easter Brunch or bird-inspired baby shower!

Natural Dyed Sienna Brown Easter Eggs

Natural Dyed Sienna Brown Easter Eggs



Collect vegetable skins of yellow and red onions (beet tops work great too) and place in a 8 qt stock pot with water and simmer about 15‐ 30 minutes – until water turns 
a gorgeous deep sienna brown color. Add 3 tsp of white wine vinegar.

Collect plant material like small leaves, grasses or anything that can act as a resist. Place the plant material on unboiled
eggs and then stretch a small 6” square piece of nylon stock {or tights} and secure with a rubber band or twine.

Once unboiled
eggs are all ready to go place them in the simmering vegetable dye for approximately 15 minutes. Leave the onion skins in the water so the eggs turn a deeper gorgeous chestnut color. 
After the eggs are finished cooking, remove from pan and cool for at 
least 10 minutes. Remove the nylon and plant

The effect is gorgeous, almost resembling an old fashioned sienna photograph. I love to polish the eggs with olive oil or
 vegetable and a dry cotton towel. For a gorgeous presentation of
 your beautiful eggs, display them on a pussy willow circular basket lined with fresh green moss.”


– Design: Kim Foren from Geranium Lake
– Photography: Erica Ann Photography
– Photograph Styling: Billede Design

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9 responses to “DIY Project: Gorgeous Sienna Easter Eggs”

  1. Gorgious! And nice photos , too!

  2. These are REALLY pretty!!! Not your average brightly colored eggs!

  3. Jenn says:

    Lovely. Where can I buy moss?

  4. Love this moss table setting!!

  5. Jade says:

    These are beautiful. What a great idea. Teaching my children about natural dyes is an added bonus!

  6. party bags says:

    No doubt they are really nice. I like its color.

  7. Veronica says:

    I was doing this when I was a little girl, nice memories. It’s a traditional way of coloring Easter eggs in Romania, the country I come from. But now, only a few people still do this, the romanians think they are old fashion. :)

  8. sandra says:

    Those flowers are ga-or-geous!

  9. Ana-Maria says:

    This is the same way we dye Easter eggs and how I thought my little one too…grandma taught us how to do it when we were kids growing up in Romania. As Veronica stated above it is a very traditional way to dye eggs in Romania.