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whimsical paper flowers centerpiece - DIY tutorial

If you caught my Pier 1 event recap posted yesterday, you probably noticed that we used TONS of paper flowers throughout the decor – especially this lovely whimsical version! We did an in-person demo of these flowers at the event, and I’m excited to share the tutorial with you today too – because I think you’re going to love how easy it is to whip them out!

easy and whimsical paper flowers tutorial

I found the instructions for this style of flower by Jeffery Rudell right here, and it’s definitely helpful to check out the visual diagram in he created. I changed things up slightly by swapping out the floral tape “pistils” he created with decorative rhinestone and bead centers instead.

And for the sake of time, I also omitted the floral tape suggested for the underside of the flower (which helps to keep the flowers in place at the top of the stem) and just used a tiny dab of hot glue to help secure them. You can certainly do it either way – I just had to bust out a bunch of these at once, so time was of the essence! ;)


whimsical paper flowers tutorial - part 1

whimsical paper flowers tutorial - part 2


– Scrapbook Paper
– 3″ Circle Craft Punch (or a 3″ circle template for hand-cutting circles)
– Scissors
– Floral Wire (available at most craft stores and floral supply stores)
– Needle Nose Pliers (or small regular pliers will work in a pinch)
– Glue or small glue dots
– Hot glue or floral tape (for securing flowers to wire)


1. Punch (or hand-cut) a 3″ craft circle from scrapbook paper.

2. Fold the circle in half, then quarters, then eighths (3 folds).

3. Use scissors to round corners into more of a petal shape.

4. Unfold the circle and remove about 1.5 petals (see PDF for visual reference).

5. Glue the “flap” created from the remaining portion of the petal to the underside of the petal next to it. This will create your flower shape. I used a glue dot for this step – no waiting for glue to dry!

6. Pinch the edges of each petal outward to give the flower more of an “open” look.

7. Round the top of your floral wire (or cover it with floral tape) to create the “pistil”, then feed the wire through the center of the flower.

8. Secure the flower in place with floral tape on the underside or a dab of hot glue.

9. Use rhinestones, beads, or other round embellishments to add a decorative “center” to the flower.



whimsical paper flowers with fresh flowers - centerpiece