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mother's day photos with your kids

I have a question for all you lovely Mamas. When was the last time you were in a picture WITH your children? I know you, and I know the icky reality is that you can show me hundreds of awesome iPhone pictures of your children, but I won’t be able to find any WITH you in them.

Hi everyone! It’s Jen, your favorite photographer and owner of Jen CYK Photography. There’s a terrible epidemic floating around, and I’m on a mission to put an end to it! It’s called failure to take pictures with your children! The symptoms include a whole lot of pictures of your adorable kids, and not a single one with you in them! It’s okay though, you’re not alone!! And together, we can put an end to it right now so you will have plenty of pictures with your little ones!

mom and kids photos

mommy and me

Do any of these excuses for not being in pictures sound familiar?

– I don’t have any make up on.
– I need to lose a few pounds.
– I’m in my gym clothes.

Let me tell you, your children love you. Not because of the way you look, or how much make up you have on. They love you because you are their mother. And when they are grown, their minds will not always remember the details of your face, or the style of your hair. What is the only way they can recall those things? Through a picture. Have you ever wanted to remember how your mom dressed in the 80s? Or what her hairstyle used to be? Where is the first place you go for the answer? Pictures.

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kids and parents photo shoot ideas

babies and mommies


As you are aware, Mothers Day is this weekend. On this special day (and every day really), stop, and take the time to ask someone to take a picture of you WITH your children, TOGETHER. And please go one step farther, print it out. Even if it just goes in a box of pictures, your kids will one day come across it, and their mind will flashback to a lovely moment with their mom.

I know you are busy, and often times it’s easier  to just grab a quick shot of the kids. But let this be an encouragement to you, to stop and take pictures with the littles that you love. If it isn’t always easy, take the time once every year or two, to have a professional like myself, capture these moments for you.

No matter how you do it, let your excuses go, and take some moments to smile with your children today. When you take the time do this, these moments will last forever!