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“About to POP” Popsicle Baby Shower Theme

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popsicle baby shower party sign and decorations

With the weather warming up, I’ve been dreaming of doing something party-related with popsicles, which always remind me of summer! So… I thought it would be fun to use them as the inspiration for a new twist on the popular “About to POP” baby shower theme, which usually features popcorn or balloons.

Colorful paper details, popsicle sticks, and watercolor textures (reminiscent of melted popsicles) came together for a vibrant & cheery POPsicle Baby Shower! And fun side note: we’re using this theme for a blogger baby shower event that I’m helping with in New York TODAY! I actually wrote most of this post on the flight over from San Diego to NYC yesterday. ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • DIY watercolor popsicle stick table runner & party favor display
  • Clear plastic plates customized with printable paper details (my favorite new trick!)
  • Colorful floral centerpiece with hand-painted wooden initial & glittered container
  • Yellow folding chairs + chair backs and utensils embellished with buttons
  • “Popsicle” party favors make from push-up pop containers
  • Watercolor inspired POPsicle Printables!

popsicle baby shower place setting

about to pop popsicle themed baby shower table

diy popsicle party favors

colorful personalized centerpiece with glittered box and flowers

about to pop baby shower plates - colorful watercolor

pink peony decoration - pink orange yellow

glittered container with about to pop party circles

button chair backs and popsicle stick table runner

popsicle baby shower party flag and centerpiece

baby shower party sign with onesie and popsicles

popsicle baby shower decorations made from popsicle sticks and washcloths

mason jar drink with about to pop party flags

DIY popsicle party favors for a popsicle party




  • Watercolor Popsicle Stick Table runner (see the DIY tutorial here)
  • Bamboo utensils embellished with small, colorful buttons
  • Party flags (2 designs) attached to striped straws
  • Turquoise napkins wrapped with 2 styles of paper napkin rings
  • Four different 4×6 party signs displayed in washi tape embellished Ikea Tolsby frames
  • Sunny yellow wooden folding chairs adorned with colorful buttons! (The buttons were attached with 3D glue dots for easy removal.)

I customized (high quality) square plastic plates from Party City with paper details by attaching them to the underside of each plate, allowing the design to show through. Washi tape held the 5×7 party signs in place, while spray adhesive secured the alternate style – a combo of patterned paper + party circles. FYI – I tested 2 other methods of adhesive for the patterned paper – Mod Podge and rubber cement, but both of them left visible streaks when dry. Thankfully, the spray adhesive was pretty much invisible… turns out the 3rd time really was the charm!

Using a variety of printable designs to make the plates gave the table a nice eclectic look and kept it from feeling repetitive. My favorite plate was definitely the one with mom-to-be’s name on it though –  due to the highly personalized feel. I figure it would be pretty awesome for the guest of honor see her name peeking through some of the plates!


First, one of my wooden boxes got a sparkly new coat of turquoise craft glitter! Next, I lined the inside of the box with plastic (using cut-up ziploc freezer bags) and filled the box with wet floral foam for the flowers. Speaking of flowers, can you believe I found all these beauties just at my local grocery store?! (the VONS on Scripps Poway Parkway in San Diego) Colorful mixed roses + spider mums + a gorgeous pink peony stem.

I picked up a giant wooden initial at Michaels to personalize the centerpiece. Jacque did a fabulous job painting the S with inexpensive watercolor paint palette + a sponge! To add height to the centerpiece (and to the table), I hot glued the painted initial to 2 wooden dowels and stuck it right into the middle of the foam, then inserted the flowers around it.


For the favors, I wanted something easy & inexpensive that looked like a popsicle. The solution: candy filled push-up pop containers! I stuck a square favor tag inside each container first, then filled them with “Tropical Typhoon” Mike and Ike candies, which matched the theme perfectly (except for the green ones, which were separated out first).

For the favor display, I lined the outside of a small wood cube with the same painted popsicle sticks used for the table runner, then filled it about half way with foam (to prop the favor pops up). A layer of candy covered the foam. For a large event, you could do this type of display with a larger, rectangular container, or just use a same small wood box like this and simply arrange the rest of the favor “popsicles” around it.


Last but not least, baby washcloths + popsicle sticks were used to create cute little “popsicles” for accent decor. I stuck pieces of extra thick card stock inside the washcloths to help keep them straight, and used glue dots to secure everything (including the buttons) so that they could be removed from the washcloths without running them. I love utilizing items that can be gifted to mom after the shower as part of the party decor!

P.S. You could also recreate this idea with a baby blanket + larger wooden stake to make BIG “popsicles”!


MENU IDEAS that match this theme:

  • A fruit-inspired menu like Lemon (or Orange) Chicken, Strawberry-Mandarin Spinach Salad, and Fruit Scones
  • Signature Drink: Light Cocktails & Mocktails garnished with popsicles (just like this)
  • Sparkling fruit soda bottles embellished with “soda POP” labels
  • Orangesicle (or Two Tone Popsicle inspired) Cake/Cupcakes
  • Popsicle shaped cake pops & sugar cookies
  • Rainbow Jello Parfaits or Mosaic Jello Bites


You can find the Popsicle Party Collection (in Instant Download form) over in our Etsy Shop!

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  13. Jessa Evans July 19, 2015 at 9:54 pm

    I’m throwing my sister a baby shower and am using this theme. I’m so excited about it! I was wondering where you got the big glitter ring pops that are on the table!?!

    • jenn s. July 20, 2015 at 12:23 pm

      Hi Jessa –
      Those are actually acrylic pacifiers that we glittered ourselves. :) You can find them at Michaels or on Amazon. They come in pink and blue… then you just use spray adhesive and dump glitter on them to make them sparkly!

  14. Laurie Silva January 17, 2016 at 7:42 am

    Good morning! I am LOVING this theme for my baby shower, however when I click the link to purchase, the website is down. Is it still available? Thank you :)

    • jenn s. January 18, 2016 at 9:02 am

      Hi Laurie –

      Thanks so much for the kind words! We only sell the items in printable form now (as opposed to custom printed like before.) You can still find them in printable format right here in our Etsy shop. Hope that helps… and congrats on the baby! :)

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