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how to train your dragon birthday party dessert table

In celebration of the new DreamWorks sequel, How to Train Your Dragon 2, (which comes out today!) Heidi Avolio of My Sweet Celebration styled this wonderful How to Train Your Dragon Birthday Party Dessert Table for the birthday of her little one, who loved the first movie (who didn’t?!) I can’t wait to see it, but in the mean time, I’m going to feast my eyes on all of these beautiful movie-inspired treats! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • DIY felt Viking hat topped push cake pops + Viking sword & shield caramel tartlets
  • Red & black dragon cookies, dragon topped cupcakes & red fire dragon’s breath Jello
  • Toothless on a ‘stone’ birthday cake + moss and river rock table decor & wooden barrel stands
  • Other delicious looking sweet treats like chocolate canoli, Jelly Bellys, chocolate mousse, caramels & macarons

how to train your dragon red and black dragon cookies

how to train your dragon toothless birthday cake

viking hat topped push cake pops

red dragon topped cupcake

chocolate party dessert ideas like chocolate macarons and canolis

blue dragon egg candy and cupcakes

moss and rock decorated dessert table

how to train your dragon toothless birthday cake topper


PARTY DETAILS as told by Heidi

This party was for my darling three year old son Rico. My love for dessert tables began when I styled my first dessert table for his first birthday two years ago. This time around, he was a little older and able to ask for exactly what he wanted. He absolutely loves the movie How to Train Your Dragon and is super excited about the new movie How to Train Your Dragon 2 which has just been released in the US and is due out in Australia in a couple of weeks. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he said “a cake with Toothless on it,” so the theme was set, a How to Train your Dragon 2 party.

To make his wish come true, I entrusted the Toothless cake with the ever so talented Mel from Paper and String. She is so unbelievably talented and always does a brilliant job with her works of art. My son’s reaction was beautiful. His excitement made all the hard work worth every minute. Whilst he loved the toothless cake, I have to say Mel’s amazing Stormfly and Hookfang cookies and cream cupcakes stole his heart and attention most of the day.

For the dessert table styling, my aim was to make the table look like one of the scenes in the movie. It had to be rustic enough to suit the movie, but also fun enough for a three year old’s party. My vision was wine barrels for the table and a backdrop with the tall pine trees, rocky mountains and the sky for the dragons to fly. I engaged the amazing Nicole from Pretty and Print who makes the most beautiful party and dessert table printables for the artwork. Her custom backdrop and dessert labels set the scene for what I had in mind.

To complete the look, I used black stones, fake moss stones and fake moss along with a three level tree cake stand we had made for son’s first birthday party. Then I had to add the dragons, I tracked down the main characters Toothless, Hookfang, Stormfly, Meatlug and Barch and Belch and tied them into each of the desserts on the table. I then used black and wooden cake stands and spray painted some other bowls to match the theme. I tied jute and brown fur around some of the lolly jars to finish the viking look.

The remaining sweet treats were made with love by My Sweet Celebration. We made Astrid’s liquorice and chocolate macarons, Hiccup’s chocolate mouse with dragon fired marshmallows, Fishleg’s chocolate cannoli, Snotlout’s caramel tartlets, Berk dragon sugar cookies, Hookfang’s Jellies and Viking white chocolate push pop cakes. I made the little viking hats for the push pops out of felt which was a bit of fun.

For the party we also made cardboard shields and had a dragon costume for the birthday boy. I hope all the How to Train Your Dragon fans enjoy the photos and the new movie which we are all waiting to see.

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