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Balloon Dipped Glasses Tutorial

I’m excited to share one of my favorite new “party tricks” with you today!

This fun and quick little decor idea stemmed from a combo of my obsession with color blocked/paint-dipped things + my extreme impatience at waiting for paint to dry (or waiting for anything, for that matter… I’m definitely an “instant gratification” sort of person!).

Anyways, a few months ago I was working on this Geometric Drink Station and felt like the glass tumblers needed a big splash of color. We’ve color-blocked $1 glasses from Ikea before using spray paint (for this party), and – while they looked cool in the end – they were still a big pain to create between taping them off, painting, waiting for the paint to dry, doing a 2nd coat, fixing touch-ups, etc. And then of course there’s the fact that I essentially turned those tumblers into a “one time use” item. This new method provides a solution to ALL of those issues!

Balloon Dipped Glasses - Materials

The basic idea is simple: Cut the tail off of a 12″ balloon, then flip your glass upside down and stretch the remaining portion of the balloon over the bottom of the glass.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words though, we shot a quick pictorial for you below too. ;)

Side note: I also decorated these particular glasses with heart stickers because I used them in a bridal shower project, but you can of course embellish them however you’d like, or just leave them plain for a standard color blocked look, like I did here and here.

And now for the visual DIY:

Balloon Dipped Glasses - DIY Tutorial

Told you that was easy! ;)

You will need to use a little muscle to stretch the balloon over the glass, and it will naturally retreat down a bit lower than where you let it go, so keep that in mind when stretching it. I’ve also found that the stretched balloon naturally leans a bit diagonal as opposed to straight-across, but personally I love that look too and would recommend just going with it… no need to be “perfect”!

Tip: If you find that the top of the stretched balloon “bubbles” or bunches too much at the very bottom of any of your glasses – meaning to the point where the glass isn’t easily sitting flat – just snip off the excess material with sharp scissors. (If this happens to you, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.)

Now you’re ready to either pour some drinks or add some extra details…

Red and White Heart Balloon Glasses

retro modern place setting - red black white

(See the full project where that these heart glasses are from right here.)

Happy balloon-dipping!