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barnyard birthday

What better way to celebrate fall than with a sweet Barnyard Birthday Party! This backyard bash is filled with fun activities, brunch and lots of DIY creativity to celebrate this adorable little cowgirl’s first birthday. Nicolle Spitulnik here, from Libby Lane Press, and I am beyond excited to share my VERY FIRST post as a contributor on HWTM! From the ripped fabric canopy, to the pony rides, to the sausage and biscuit breakfast – this party was filled with fun, down home details!

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • DIY burlap and multi pattern ripped fabric canopy
  • Mini chalkboards tied with twine labeling treats like Cow Tails and “fresh eggs”
  • Galvanized favor tins personalized and filled with “barnyard goodies”
  • Custom photo clips and baby monthly pictures displayed on a salvaged window frame

watering hole

fabric canopy

chicken cake

cow tails

barnyard lemonade crate

farm animal birthday

personalized barnyard party

gummy fried eggs candy

barnyard party banner

got milk candy

barnyard fondant toppers

birthday collage


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Erica

I am a party planner at heart and just adore all of the little details, so I knew when the time arrived to start planning for my third daughter’s 1st birthday we were going to have a party to remember.  I contacted Squeals on Wheels and reserved the “barnyard in a backyard”.  Even though I wanted the farm-feel for the party,  I opted for bright, girly colors vs. traditional black, white and red that you typically see at barnyard themed events.  I also love having monogrammed details and since all three of my daughter’s have the same initials it was a must to include personalization every where we could for Addison’s big day.

Upon arrival, guests were offered a barnyard brunch consisting of sausage, biscuits, bagels, home fries and mini cinnamon bun push up pops. The food quickly became a second thought once the animals arrived.  The children were able to go into a fenced area and play with the chicks, ducks, bunnies and piglets.  The older crowd enjoyed walking the goats and llama around the yard.  While some of the children were playing with the animals, others rotated to different craft tables where they could play with barnyard puzzles, stamps or munch on “Chicken Feed”.  Our little birthday girl loved trying to keep up with all of her friends even though her ruffled pants (that her Mommy had to have) seemed to slow her down.

The dessert table was one of my favorite parts of the party. I knew that I wanted a shabby chic feel but still keeping true to the barnyard theme.  After consulting with Nicolle from Libby Lane Press we were able to make my vision a reality.  The ripped fabric and burlap canopy was an inexpensive (but time consuming!) way to add color and texture to the table.  The inspiration for the mini cinnamon bun push up pops came from Courtney Whitmore’s book Push Up Pops.  They were not only adorable, but also quite tasty.  The other favorite treat happened to be the peach flavored gummy fried eggs. Initially they were just bought for decoration but once the mason jar had to be refilled during the party I knew they were a hit!

Once it was time to pack up and head home, our barnyard guests left with a galvanized tin personalized with their name on a vinyl decal and filled with sweet treats to remind them of their sweet time at Addison’s first birthday celebration.

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