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Jungle Safari Birthday Party Ideas

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My animal-loving daughter turned 9 last weekend, so we celebrated with a Jungle Safari birthday party! All sorts of different animals showed up to help decorate, but Tigers are her #1 favorite, so they got some special attention. ;)

Let’s Have Some *Wild* Fun!

My instinct with animal parties (or “party animals”) is typically to use bright colors – as seen in this Wacky & Wild Animal Party from a while back. However, I’m so glad Macy requested “real” animal and jungle colors this time because I love how this one turned out!  I mixed the animal prints with artsy textures (paint strokes, marble, metallics) and bold black & white accents for a vibe that still felt fresh and FIERCELY fun. 🐅😉

Jungle Safari Party Printables

Jungle Safari Party Printables

My Jungle Safari printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to shop this collection.

Modern Wild Animal Party Invitation


The artsy-looking paper plates from Harlow & Grey were a big part of my initial inspiration for this party’s general look. (And how cool is their octagon shape?!) I paired the plates with disposable gold forks and an eclectic mix of napkins. I also designed the Jungle Safari printable collection with this style in mind.

There are lots of fun details to share… and most of them are surprisingly simple!

For example, our “Sparkling Swamp Cooler” is Sprite and lemonade and a few food coloring drops. (You can also swap green Hawaiian Punch for the lemonade, but since our party was the day before St. Patrick’s Day, there wasn’t a jug of green juice to be found at ANY of the stores nearby. 🤪)

Jungle Safari Party Drink - Swamp Cooler

Read on for more fun & totally “doable” ideas like this! I know this post is pretty long (and I tried to edit it down as much as I could!) – so I’m going to be pretty brief with the descriptions. If you have any questions on where to find things, make things, etc. – please feel free to ask away in the comments. :)

Party Animals Welcome Here

A themed door sign + giant cardboard lion (donning a party hat made from patterned paper!) greeted guests at the door. I purchased all of my animal cutouts on Amazon. I also borrowed these cute ROAR letters from a friend that had purchased them for a dinosaur party. ;)

Wild Animal Party Door Sign

A Ferociously FUN Fireplace

You see our fireplace right when you walk in the door, so it’s always a great place to play up the party theme. The black and white giraffe print usually hangs in my office. Tip – I love “borrowing” things from yourself as party decor because it’s one less thing to buy! The cute hand-lettered balloons on the mantle are by Rad & Happy. Giant zebra and “Let’s Get Wild” banner are both from Amazon.

Wild Animal Birthday Party Get Wild

Zebra Stripe Vases

This centerpiece is another one of those “simple things” that makes me soooooo happy because it’s super easy yet still feels creative and unique.

To recreate this look, use a funnel to pour thin layers of black and white sand in glass vases or jars… and voila! Instant “zebra themed” centerpiece:

Zebra Party Centerpiece

Note – you could also do this idea with orange and black for tiger stripes!

Gold Dipped Animals

Even though Macy wanted “real animal prints and colors,” she loved the idea of embellishing the plastic animals with some gold. I used spray paint to give them a quick paint-dipped look. It’s an easy way to “dress them up” for the party. ;)

Jungle Safari Elephant Centerpiece

Table Linens & Textures

The black and white “table cloth” pictured above is actually a fabric shower curtain! This is one of my favorite ways to get a large amount of fabric for a bargain. You can use them as entire tablecloths on smaller tables or cut them into strips to serve as table runners on multiple tables. (I often use them for photo booth backdrops as well!)

Our everyday dining room table has a wood top, so it already worked great with the theme. I added some burlap and faux leaves down the center for extra texture and color.

Wild Animal Party Ideas

Party guests told me that this table looked “fancy” a few times, but it’s actually pretty simple and inexpensive! Paper plates, napkins, and utensils + toy animals and leaves. The centerpiece planter is again part of our everyday decor and was purchased a while back at Marshalls. Printable signs helped tie in the theme. :)

Jungle Safari Place Settings

DIY Pool Noodle Jungle Vine

This was one of my FAVORITE details from the party, and of course I forgot to take a good full picture of it at the party! *sigh* (I did snap the below-right pic on my phone right when it was finished, though.)

This is a standard pool noodle turned into a jungle vine! Well, it’s actually 1.3 pool noodles, to be exact. The noodles were wrapped in green duct tape, then embellished with tissue fringe and faux leaves.

DIY Jungle Vine Party Decoration

I slid the “vine” onto the center of our countertop paper towel holder to make it stand up. You can find countertop paper towel holders for as little as $5 at places like HomeGoods and Marshalls.

The top of the “vine” was flush with the ceiling and looked like it could be growing through it. This would be a great accent for a photo booth too!

“Sugar Safari” (Jungle Safari Treats)

Wild Animal Party Printable Sign

I designed an 18×24″ happy birthday poster and attached it to a blank artist canvas to make it sturdy. Green party fringe and faux leaves were used to create a jungle-y border all the way around. We displayed the poster above a skinny table filled with wild animal-inspired treats…

Jungle Safari Dessert Station

How cute are these “Happy Hippo” cookie biscuits?! I used them a while back for a Rainbow Safari Party and couldn’t resist creating a”muddy river” for them this time!

Jungle Party Treats Candy

Gummy candy is always a hit with the kids, but these banana marshmallows were ESPECIALLY YUMMY! I bought a giant bag of them, so there’s a bunch left over, and I can’t seem to stop eating them myself. :0

“Surprise Inside” Jungle Tiger Cake

Another one of Macy’s requests was a tiger cake. I thought it would be fun to go with a cake that looked minimalist on the outside with a BIG SURPRISE on the inside!

jungle safari party cake with tiger topper

Jess of King Alfred’s Bakery created the cake. She absolutely nailed the tiger stripes, don’t you think?! It was also super delicious… she puts some almond flavoring in her buttercream!

Tiger Stripes Birthday Cake

Activity #1 – Make an Animal Necklace (or Keychain)

You can find more detail about this activity right here, but here’s a sneak peek for now…

Jungle Safari Party Activity Idea - Necklaces

Activity #2 – Guess How Many

This is more of an ice breaker game than an “activity,” but it was super funny to hear the guesses. Most of them were WAY, way, way off! 😂

Jungle Safari Guessing Games

Activity #3 – Design a Wild Animal

This craft was the one I was MOST excited about, but I definitely experienced some hiccups with it (before the party). Scroll down for details…

Jungle Safari Party Activity Idea - Plastic Animals

I had bought and spray painted a bunch of plastic toy tigers white for this craft, and the plan was to have the kids decorate them with paint pens. However… the white spray paint would. not. dry. 😫 It was super frustrating (and sticky!), especially in a time crunch. Luckily, I had many unpainted animals leftover from the regular decor, so they decorated those instead.

The paint pens didn’t have the same sort of impact that they would on plain white, but hey… they didn’t really seem to mind. ;) I’m still determined to figure out how to make the original idea work in the future, too!

Amazing Animal World

And now for the highlight of the party… and also the point in which I could actually sit down and enjoy the party myself! 🙌

Wild Animal Party Entertainer - Amazing Animal World

Ashley from Amazing Animal World came and entertained the kids with lots of cool (and some creepy!) creatures + an amusing personality that kept them laughing.

One of the biggest hits was a darling green bird – “Nala – that laid on her back while being held… kind of like she was sunbathing! There were also a whole slew of reptiles and amphibians, a large snake, and a ginormous “Vinegaroon” that’s a mix of scorpion, cockroach, and spider. Almost all of the kids still held it! Here’s a small sampling of all the fun creatures…

Wild Animal Party Live Animals

All in all……….. I’d say we had some WILD FUN!

P.S. If you’re wondering about that giant lizard-looking creature (pictured above and also with Macy in the very first image) – that’s called a Tegu. Apparently, they can grow up to 4.5 feet! FYI in case you’re in the market for a new pet. ;)

PIN this Jungle Safari Party to try it later!

Jungle Safari Party Printables

My Jungle Safari printables are available in our store. They make it so EASY to add pro designer style & personalization to your event. It’s like instant branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to shop now.

Jungle Safari Party Printables