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Mary Poppins "Jolly Holiday" inspired dessert table with hydrangea centerpiece

David and Drexelle of D. Park Photography could not have been more excited to find out they were expecting their first baby… and in order to properly celebrate the joyous occasion, they planned this charming (and beautiful!) Jolly Holiday inspired Mary Poppins Baby Shower! With all the playful penguin & parasol decor, who wouldn’t have a great time celebrating such a magical moment? ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Candy apple “penguins” – SO CUTE! :)
  • Penguin shaped welcome signs and drink station details
  • Super fun “Daddy Knows Best” game! (explained below)
  • Vintage Mary Poppins book cover inspired stationery set
  • Fondant parasol and bow cupcake toppers + flower truffle pops

Mary Poppins themed outfit with red and white penguin boutonniere

Mary Poppins penguin welcome sign

Mary Poppins dessert table with penguin printables

Red and white Mary Poppins inspired party invitations

Mary Poppins "Jolly Holiday" costumes with parasol

Chocolate cupcakes with parasol cupcake toppers

Mary Poppins penguin sign printables and kite decorations

Mary Poppins inspired drawing with golden frame

Red and Blue dessert bar with bow cupcake toppers and flower cake pops

Mary Poppins "Jolly Holiday" inspired cake with black, red, and light blue flowers

Penguin dessert idea

Red, black, and white lemonade stand with penguin printables

Red and white striped party printables and drink tags


PARTY DETAILS, as told by David & Drexelle

Mary Poppins Jolly Holiday baby shower inspired by the scene where Mary Poppins and Bert are served by the adorable penguin servers in her magical chalk drawing land.


  • Color Palette: Red, White, with punches of orange and sky blue
  • Signs: Guests were greeted by DIY Mary Poppins penguins and a giant “Welcome! It’s a Jolly Holiday” sign. We also had a variety of Mary Poppins quotes and signs held by our Penguin Servers: As guests were about to enter the backyard, they were entering the “magical chalk land” and a sign that said, “You think, you wink, you do a double blink, you close your eyes and JUMP!” Once inside the backyard, a Penguin Server greeted them with “Order what you will, there be no bill” Another sign in the backyard: “Don’t fall and smudge the drawing!” A variety of red, black, white and pops of blue vintage pieces, kites, and florals greeted the guests.
  • Invitations: Red/White vintage striped custom designed invitations and silhouette signage throughout each booth/bar
  • Mary Poppins Vintage Book: Real vintage edition of the Mary Poppins story!
  • Mom’s Outfit: Floral Corsiage, White Parasol, Custom Designed Mary Poppins Hat, Target Dress and Belt
  • Dad’s Outfit: Bowtie Boutteniere, Custom Designed Bert Hat, Grandfather’s Cane, H+M Sweater, Shirt and Pants


  • Specialty Mixed Lemonade Bar: Perfect for summer, guests were welcome to mix their own special lemonade from a variety of delicious flavors: mango, strawberry, pineapple, and pomegranate and add scrumptious fruit as their toppings (strawberries, oranges, raspberries and lemons)
  • Dessert Table: Complemented by a gorgeous candy striped centerpiece designed by Ooh La La Designs, the dessert table includes milk shots (vintage milk glasses with color ribbon and candy stripe straws), cute striped top tier cake topped with flowers and parasols, parasol cupcakes, coordinating bow and flower truffle pops


  • Silhouette Artist
  • Mary Poppins Photo Booth
  • Baby Bottle Drinking Contest
  • The Price Is Right: Guess the price of a complete gift basket of Johnson & Johnson baby items
  • Daddy Knows Best: A game where the dad and mom are separated and have to answer a series of questions on how they will raise their children. The game is to see how much they agree and communicate on how they will raise their kids. We actually did pretty well on this one! Whew!
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