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Retro-Glam Bridesmaid Luncheon & Gift Ideas

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bridesmaid luncheon centerpiece idea

What’s black and white and RETRO all over? These playful Bridesmaid Luncheon & Gift Ideas!

I’ve been working with Coke this summer to help get the word out about the fabulous new personalized Coke bottles that you can now order online (woohoo!). It felt like a great opportunity to dream up some creative ideas featuring bottles personalized with the names of a bridal party.

And because the bottles instantly stir up feelings of nostalgia and FUN, I decided to give this set of ideas a bit of a retro-glam twist. I mean… Coca-Cola, red hearts, classic black & white polka dots, and a hint of sparkle – can’t go wrong with that combo, right?! Click here for my free printables from this project.

1. Retro Bridal Party Centerpiece

The first idea is for a retro-glam centerpiece (pictured at top) that “puts the wedding party up on a pedestal” this time! 😉 For this design, I used a black & white round box to display a set of “bridesmaid” Coke bottles, where each girl is represented by a bottle with her name. The bottles are embellished with little “retro scarves” made from small strips of fabric that I folded into thirds then tied around the neck:

personalized coke bottles - retro party

I also designed a free printable heart-shaped sign that reads “I love my awesome bridesmaids” (and fits in the red heart frames from Ikea). The sign sits in the middle of the bottles and is propped up by a sparkly stand, which is actually a small glass cylinder vase wrapped in diamond ribbon.

Speaking of printables, here’s another one for you… retro-inspired bridesmaid and maid of honor Party Flags. I figured that once you put this centerpiece to use, you’ll need cute straws handy to sip with, too!

retro bridesmaid party flags free printables

retro bridesmaid party flags free printables

I also designed a 2nd printable heart sign that can be used on the reverse side of the centerpiece, or all on its own for a simple centerpiece or extra bit of accent decor:

free printable bridal party sign

2. Retro Glam Place Settings

Another fun way to use these bottles is to personalize table place settings for each bridesmaid… which is so much more fun than the typical place card, right?! I love the idea of setting a bottle on top of each plate along with a pair of retro heart sunglasses that are guaranteed to inspire a fun little photo session at lunch!

retro bridal lunch tablescape ideas

The black and white striped table cloth pictured here is made from Ikea fabric, and I cut squares from other inexpensive fabrics to work as perfectly coordinating no-sew napkins.

I also utilized the printable party flags in these place settings… they’re hot-glued to polka dot straws and displayed in balloon-dipped glasses. Yep – you read that right… “balloon-dipped”! They’re super easy to make… I’ll be posting a tutorial soon. :)

3. Retro Glam Bridesmaid Gift

Bridesmaid gifts can vary greatly in both style and expense, but I always love the idea of a thoughtful, themed gift!

creative bridesmaid gift idea - retro inspired

This retro-glam inspired gift set is filled with things that are both stylish and useful:

  • polka dot acrylic tumbler embellished with a party flag
  • bright red nail polish
  • cherry lip gloss (that’s actually shaped like a cherry!)
  • heart-shaped sunglasses for cute group pics
  • a small purse… perfectly sized for wedding reception essentials
  • a handwritten note (click here to download the printable notecard)
  • a personalized Coke bottle as the “gift tag”, adorned with a mini red balloon*!

*I used a 5″ red balloon and added a white heart sticker to it. Since these balloons are so small, make sure to inflate them with helium right before gifting, as the helium will only stay at full strength for about an hour. For longer-lasting balloons, use a 12″ latex or foil heart shape!

And of course, you can always add or remove items to make this idea work for you OR tailor it to work with another gift idea. Even just one or 2 fun items + a handwritten thank you note make for a thoughtful gesture! ❤️

free printable bridesmaid note cards

For more fun ideas featuring custom Coke bottles, check out my Nautical Bridal Shower Ideas post.

Disclosure: Please note that is a sponsored post. As always, all designs, opinions, and ideas are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that make it possible for me to keep the creative content coming your way!


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