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fire truck party dessert table and banner

Everyone out of the house… there’s an AMAZING party out in the yard! Abigail of Paper & Cake put together this incredibly creative Fire Truck Birthday Party for her son. With a real fire truck that doubles as a “Mobile Pizza Unit” taking center stage, the entire celebration took place outside in the front yard, and you know what that means… WATER gun fights! Or in this case, mini “fire hose” fights. ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Colorful paper flames decorating the upstairs windows, porch railings, & grass
– “Fiery Fruit Kabobs” & “Flaming Jello”
– An AWESOME Fire Truck complete with party and chef cams, pizza & a photo booth!
– DIY cupcake stand with colorful flames + a fireman hat as the base

fire truck pizza party

fire truck cake pops

fire truck party with a diy cupcake stand

fire truck party paper flame house decorations

fire struck party drink station

flaming jello in red, orange & yellow

fire truck theme dessert table

fire man hat

fire man birthday party with paper flame decorations

fireman flame birthday cupcakes

fire truck birthday party water activity on the lawn

backyard fire truck party

fire truck pizza delivery

fire truck theme birthday party

fire truck party favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Abigail

My crazy son turned 7 this past month, and in coming up with a theme for this party, all I knew was that it needed to be an OUTdoor party. My son had about 45 ideas that ranged from actual live Pokemon to ice fishing, so we compromised, on pizza. Everyone loves pizza – especially good pizza – and it is only a bonus that this pizza is made on top of a real fire truck. Real. Fire truck.


In designing the look of this party, I knew that the real Company 77 Fire Truck would take center stage – and nothing goes better with a fire truck, than colorful “Harley Davidson” style flames. I took regular construction paper and cut a few dozen flames to tape onto the house, some left over crepe paper in orange, yellow and red matched perfectly and added color to the porch. Plenty of seating and several market umbrellas transformed our front yard into a festive party scene.


The food table didn’t need a main dish, so there was plenty of room to set out fruit skewers and jello cups in our color scheme, in addition to a “goldfish bar” made up of regular goldfish, pretzel flavor and chocolate goldfish. Mango orange punch and lemonade in clear beverage dispensers were wrapped in a running flame pattern border.

The home made cake stand – made up of mini paper flames, black paper covered hat box lids, metal buckets and a plastic Fire Chief’s hat – were filled with red velvet cupcakes topped with handmade chocolate flames.

I looked high and low for an inexpensive toy fire truck that I could use for a cake pop display, but came up empty handed – but I think the paper version turned out even better! The fire truck illustration was printed at 12×18″ at my local costco, cut out and mounted to foam core board. Affixed to the back of the truck board is a long rectangular cake pan, filled with oasis floral foam – the PERFECT size and shape to contain cake pops in our color scheme.

Rounding out the table is a large red metal bucket filled with watermelon slices and plenty of napkins!


The Company 77 Fire Truck on its own provided a ton of entertainment. From a large video screen that toggled between a chef cam (watch your pizza being made!) and a party cam (displayed the entire front yard), kid friendly nobs, switches and gears on the side of the truck, and an AWESOME in-truck photo booth (that took a million digital pics), I knew I only really needed to provide one other activity.

From experience, I knew that these kids (boys) who eat tons of pizza, eat loads of fruit, jello, goldfish and drink a gallon of lemonade, would need an active activity. I set out 4 Firemen style water hose “guns”, hats and about 50 foam flames on sticks in our (understanding) neighbors front yard. My plan was to have the kids go through the yard, 4 at a time, knocking down all the flames as they went. Some of the kids did exactly that – and some of the kids squirted the trees, and the bushes and the other kids – then more kids ran through the flame area yelling “fire fire” and then they got squirted… it was hysterically funny, and fun for everyone!


After cake pops, cupcakes and water squirting, I sent each party guest home with a themed party favor bag – some yummy licorice in (of course) our party theme colors.


There were a million little details that I made for this party – badges on sticker paper, buckets with labels for grown up drinks, signage in the house directing guests to the restrooms, and more. But, by far the best detail, was the smile and sheer joy on my 7 year old son’s face, as he shared his big day with his best friends, family and neighbors- full of pizza, in the front yard.



– Party printables and styling: Paper & Cake
– Mobile pizza unit: Company 77
– Photography: missy marie photography