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Swing Table Tutorial by Kim Foren

Floral design guru Kim Foren has such a clever, creative DIY tutorial to share today! This one is perfect for summer parties & outdoor entertaining! Read on for full DIY details on her “Swinging Table” idea (plus a ridiculously pretty picture of a fruit tart that’s making me very hungry right about now!)…

Swing Table Tutorial by Kim Foren
Swing Table Tutorial by Kim Foren

Outdoor Swing Table

by Kim Foren

“Swing tables are a quick and simple DIY tables that can be attached to trees, overhangs, gazebos, under porches or freely hang anywhere.  Swing tables are great way to save space and it’s the perfect conversation piece for any summer party.

What you will need:
– Plywood
– Oilcloth or simple fabric covering
– Drill
– Hanging materials such as rope/ribbon or wire.
– ¾ inch plywood found at any hardware store in the plywood section. They usually have rounds already pre-cut.  (Shown here we used a 36” wide round). Take the plywood and drill three holes evenly spaced to attach your ribbons/wire or rope.

How to hang your swinging table:
Be sure your ribbon pieces are all the same length and attach it to the bottom of the table with a secure knot. Gather the three pieces at the top at the desired length you wish to hang it and tie it in a knot. You can attach your swing with a carabiner, S hook or any hardware that will work for you.

If your table is not leveled try adjusting the ribbons on the tableside.

Once your piece is securely hung, you can begin to cover and decorate. We used a 90” squared piece of oilcloth that is readily available at fabric stores. (A great bargain!). When placing the cloth on the plywood, you will need to make 3 small slits where your holes are so the tablecloth lays flat. If you don’t want to cut your tablecloth feel free to bunch it around the ribbons for a gathered look.

Another creative way to cover your table is to use green moss.

Once the cloth is on, use your creativity and decorate! Add candles, flowers, pies and cupcakes or anything you wish for a gorgeous spring/summertime look outside.

Note: Be careful when placing heavy items and make sure to place items in the center of the plywood.

Swing Table Tutorial by Kim Foren

Photography Credit: Erica Ann Photography

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