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Creative Slumber Party Ideas & Activities

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Midnight Munchies sign with sleepover snacks

Slumber parties and sleepovers are such a big part of childhood!

Sometimes they’re super casual, and other times you might want to do something special… maybe for a birthday celebration, or maybe just for fun. 🎉

Either way, I was excited when Hershey asked me to share some Creative Slumber Party Ideas & Activities with their readers.

Scroll down for a visual sneak peek, then head over to Hersheyland.com to see the full article. It’s packed with tips to help you keep the kids happy and BUSY! 😉🙌

Donut Bar Sign

I especially loved how the Donut Bar turned out. 🍩🤩

This is a fun way to start the morning and wrap up your slumber party – but you can also do this at night for a cute sleepover-themed “dessert”!

A few more ways to get creative:

kids making glow in the dark slime

Sleepover Crafts Printable Sign

BTW – You can download my “Let’s Get Crafty” sign (pictured above) + matching 5×7 activity signs over on the main post!

DIY Sleep Mask Decorating project

girl making a DIY sleep mask

I made a few small balloon garlands to fill the shelf space behind the craft table. It made everything feel more festive! This is also one of my favorite color palettes. 😍

blue pink yellow red balloon garland

Donut Bar Station with toppings

I made vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry donut glaze for the Donut Bar. The chocolate and vanilla had a great consistency! The strawberry tasted good but the texture was a little runny… the recipe I used called for fresh strawberries and it came out more like a puree.

DIY chocolate donut frosting

My daughters and their friends had a blast decorating donuts and came up with some really creative designs!

This fun “Neopolitan-frosted” designer donut was one of my 12-year-old daughter’s creations:

colorful decorated donut with toppings

Visit the DIY Slumber Party Ideas & Activities on the Hersheyland website for more details. 😋

slumber party ideas with Hershey

Disclosure: I’ve teamed up with Hershey on this post and other creative ideas this year. Thank you for supporting the brands that make it possible for me to keep sending creative inspiration your way. 💛

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  1. alfombra June 16, 2022 at 1:52 pm - Reply

    your party looks very colorful and sweet. :)

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