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DIY Gold Pinata - Glam Fiesta Party Decor

What’s not to love about a GOLDEN burro, right?! Especially when she’s all decked out with glittery “baubles” and tissue paper flowers. ;) We really had fun with the DIY projects for my recent Gold & Glitzy Holiday Fiesta, so I wanted to highlight a few favorites that you could use to add some sparkle to your own fiesta at ANY time of year.

First up: 3 ways to glam up your fiesta burros.

I ordered regular size pinatas, mini pinatas, and donkey figurines off of Amazon. Then we let the gold spray paint and embellishments fly… until these burros were fully transformed into their “cocktail attire”! I love surprising party guests with unexpected decorations, and these fun little projects definitely fit the bill. Scroll down for a closer peek at each before & after.

DIY Gold Burro Pinata - Before and After

The large donkey pinatas were the hit of the party! The “fanciest” one took center stage on the buffet (as pictured in the very first image), and the simpler version (pictured directly above) greeted guests right when they entered. I was originally inspired by this tutorial from Studio DIY, and then we added our own fun touch with elements like a DIY gold confetti burlap blanket, sequin “bridles”, rhinestone-and-fringe leg wraps, and more.

The pinatas also doubled as props for the home photo booth. My friend Kendall added some mustaches to them late in the night, which looked pretty darn cute too! I know it might be odd for a donkey to have both tissue flowers and a mustache, but this project was all about the fun factor, so anything goes! ;)

DIY Gold Burro PInata with Tissue Flowers and Mustaches

DIY Gold Mini Burro PInatas - Before and After

The mini pinatas were super cute too – and much faster to dress up than the large pinatas. I bought this mini donkey pinata set on Amazon, which comes in sets of 3 for $12. They starred as part of the drink area backdrop and popped up as accent decor throughout the party.

Sparkly Burros for a Glam Fiesta Party

Last but not least are our donkey figurines, which got a few coats of either metallic gold or metallic fuschia spray paint + a glitter-blocked lime hot glued to their back.

This is actually a variation on an idea I came up with earlier this year for a different project. Same basic concept, except it was elephants carrying glittered lemons that time. ;)

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