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Denim Pocket Banner

Jessica from Pen N’ Paperflowers Studio & Design here… I love creating clever party decor for events that are smart, budget-friendly and versatile enough to continue to be used after the confetti and cupcakes are all gone.

So today I’m here to share with you a DIY Denim Pocket Banner I created for my daughter’s “Pocket Full of Posies” third birthday party. Not only is it simple and budget-friendly, but it’s also adorable and easily adaptable for a variety of occasions!

Finished banner


All-Occasion Denim Pocket Banner – A DIY Tutorial

by Jessica Kirkland
Makes 1 Banner


– Recycled toddler jean back pockets (or a larger size, depending on your particular event and how you intend on displaying/using the finished banner)
– Twine, ribbon or string of your choice (for threading the pockets together & displaying the finished banner).
Crop-A-Dile II Tool (for easily punching holes through denim)
OR you can use a Leather Awl or other sharp object for piercing.

TIP: I went to my local thrift store to find some toddler jeans for this project. I wanted the finished banner to have a vintage feel to it, therefore, I paid close attention to the finish of the jeans as well as to the overall style of the back pockets when I selected the 8 pairs I purchased. (Scored them all for a grand total of under $2.00!)

Recycled Denim Pockets


1. Cut out the pockets. After cutting out the number of jean pockets you think you’ll need for your particular use, you are ready to prep them for assembly.

TIP: You can use a really good pair of sharp scissors to cut out the entire denim pocket or you can use my preferred method of cutting fabrics using a rotary cutting tool, self-healing cutting mat and an acrylic ruler. (No. I don’t sew. At all. But I have had these tools for years and they make cutting fabrics a cinch).

Steps to creating Denim Banner

2. Punch a hole into the upper corners of each denim pocket. I chose to place my holes just below the intersection of stitching on both sides of the pocket.

String denim pockets together

3. Once all of the pockets have been pierced/punched it’s time to string them all together.

Lay the pockets out in front of you to determine the order you’d like for them to be displayed, making sure to distance matching pockets away from one another. Measure your twine, (or other source of string), by using the length of the pockets you’ve just spread out in front of you. Be sure to add plenty of string to the length to account for hanging the banner once it’s finished. (Better to have too much string than not enough).

Starting with the first hole, push the twine down through the hole – feeding it from the front of the pocket and coming out the backside. Pull the string up through the second hole. Repeat with remaining pockets.

Finished banner

4. Hang the banner by tying both ends to a sturdy object. You may trim any excess twine or leave it hanging – depending on your preference for the finished look.

You may create several layers of Denim Pocket Banners like I did for the backdrop for this dessert table or use one long one for a specific focal point. This versatile banner can be be incorporated into a wide range of party themes including Americana, Rustic, Picnic, Fall, Summer, Western and more.

One of the many uses...


Countdown Calendar: for the Holidays
Birthday Banner: attach wording with mini clothespins to each pocket to spell out a name or sentiment)
Grab N’ Go Party Favor holder: Have little ones reach in and pull out their favors as a cute, interactive send off. (banner would need to be mounted to a wall or other flat structure so as to provide support and keep the pockets from shifting with the weight of the items added)
Mantle Display: Hang on your mantle and add different ribbons, fabrics or objects in or on the pockets to correspond with rotating holidays.
Wall Art: Hang in a child’s room/nursery.
Organizer: Provides a fun place for your little ones to put away art supplies or other small treasures.
Wedding Decor: This inexpensive banner could be used in a variety of ways at a wedding. (A unique seating card display, wrapped around tree trunks of a picnic-style wedding or even hung from the backs of chairs).



– Photography & Banner: Pen N’ Paperflowers
– Paper Maché Flowers (shown in photos of finished banner): Maisey’s Daiseys