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halloween crackers

Stefanie Richter of anna and blue paperie, here sharing my latest tutorial! When it came time to create favors for our Modern Black, White & Chevron Halloween Party, I wanted something that was creative and one that could be enjoyed by children and adults alike. I decided to create Halloween Crackers that can be filled with your favorite Halloween candy or healthy snacks. Read on for step-by-step instructions + the free printable “Happy Halloween” tags below! 



by: Stefanie Richter of anna and blue paperie


diy tutorial halloween crackers

– Crepe or Tissue Paper
– Colored or Patterned Paper
– Scissors
– Scalloped Scissors (optional)
– Ribbon and/or twine
– Clear Tape
– Candy Rolls (Lifesavers), Candy Wafers, Crackers etc.
– Free Printable Happy Halloween Tags (Click here to download)


1. Cut crepe or tissue paper to 8 x 10 inches in size.

2. Take your roll of candy (or equivalant) and place onto 2 pieces of your cut crepe/tissue paper.

3. Roll paper around and tape to keep in place.

4. Tie ends with ribbon or twine.

5. Cut a piece of paper to desired width to place in the middle of your roll.

6. Cut each side of the paper using your scallop scissors to create a pretty edge.

7. Roll paper around and tape to keep in place.

8. Tape a Happy Halloween tag on top for the perfect touch.

diy halloween crackers



– Printable Happy Halloween Tags: anna and blue paperie
– Twine: InTheClear