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marshmallow mother's day flower bouquet tutorial

Hi, it’s Alejandra Morin from The Marshmallow Studio, where we create custom marshmallow pops and designs. I’m happy to be back at HWTM today, showing you how to make mom feel extra special!

This Mother’s Day, surprise mom with more than the typical fresh flower bouquet… treat her with an her an edible marshmallow flower pops bouquet she’ll absolutely love! The only thing sweeter than marshmallows are handmade gifts from the heart, and this adorable bouquet ranks at the top of that list. Better yet, they’re easy to create, making this a fun project for all ages. Read on for step-by-step details…


by Alejandra Morin
Makes 1 Bouquet (3 flower pops)

marshmallow mother's day tutorial ingredients


  • 15 Regular pink marshmallows
  • 3 Regular white marshmallows
  • 3 Bamboo skewers
  • Edible glitter (commonly known as disco dust)
  • Royal Icing (RI) in Decorating Bag. I used a decorating tip #5 but you may also just snip off the tip of the bag to create a little whole and use it that way
  • Cup of water
  • Baking pan
  • Decorative ribbon
  • 4” Flower pot
  • Small floral foam block
  • Green tissue paper

Step by Step Instructions for Pop:

1. Whip up your royal icing into a frosting-like consistency, bag it and set it aside

marshmallow mother's day tutorial water
2. Soak skewers in water for 5 minutes

marshmallow mother's day tutorial skewer
3. Place one white marshmallow on the baking pan with five pink ones around it to form a flower
4. Hold skewer right above it with tip of skewer halfway up the top pink marshmallow
5. Place finger tips right below the white marshmallow to measure how far you need to push that piece
6. Insert skewer through the side of the white marshmallow and push down to your finger tips
7. Insert skewer halfway up the side of the pink marshmallow. Both marshmallows should be touching each other and the tip of the skewer should not be visible on top
8. Lay skewer down on baking pan

marshmallow mother's day tutorial pipe icing
9. Pipe a large dollop of royal icing on the side of one of the remaining pink marshmallows
10. Attach it to white marshmallow right next to existing pink marshmallow
11. Repeat for the rest of the pink marshmallows

marshmallow mother's day tutorial pink flower bouquet
12. Use finger tips to gently press in all pink marshmallows against white center marshmallow for 30 seconds
13. Pipe decorative border around white marshmallow

marshmallow mother's day tutorial edible gitter
14. Sprinkle glitter all over marshmallow flower
15. Let dry for 5 hours before handing

marshmallow mother's day tutorial flowers

To make a larger bouquet simply make more pops and use a bigger flower pot. The bigger the bouquet the bigger the surprise will be!

Step by Step Instructions for Flower Pot:

marshmallow mother's day tutorial flower pot
1. Cut foam to fit into flower pot
2. Wrap foam with green tissue paper
3. Make holes where you’d like to insert your pops
4. Holding the pop by the skewer, carefully insert it thought the foam all the way down

marshmallow mother's day tutorial flower pot final

Note: If you’re making these ahead of time, to maintain freshness, wrap each pop in a cellophane bag and tie with a twist tie underneath the ribbon. Marshmallow pops can be enjoyed up to six months later. They also may be stored for keepsake in a cool, dry place forever without deteriorating. Enjoy!

marshmallow mother's day tutorial pink flower bouquet