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lace and paint wine bottle diy

Hi there! It’s Amber here from Amber Lay Events. This week I’m excited to share a brand new DIY Tutorial featuring an artistic way to repurpose those empty wine bottles!


If you’ve seen my previous posts, it’s probably no surprise that I absolutely love to use recycled containers for centerpieces. What could be better than repurposing those empty wine bottles (that I know you all have!) as cute floral vases? Or this could be a good excuse for emptying some new ones. ;) These paint dripped and lace wrapped wine bottles make for such a great bridal shower or bachelorette party centerpiece… or for wine and cheese night with the ladies!

lace decorated wine bottle diy



By: Amber Lay
Photography By: Camryn Clair


– Empty Wine Bottles
– Sink or Bucket Filled With Warm, Soapy Water
– Adhesive Remover
– Old Rag
– Clean Dry Towel
– Drying Rack
– White Paint
– White Lace Ribbon
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– Glue Sticks
– 1 Bunch Queen Anne’s Lace
– Vase of Water
– Floral Knife or Clippers


1. As soon as you get your Queen Anne’s Lace home from the market give them a quick cut with either your floral knife or clippers at a 45 degree angle and then place them directly into your vase filled with room temperature water. If your flowers came with plant food go ahead add that to the water and give it a quick stir before inserting the flowers.

2. Now take the empty wine bottles and give them a good rinse on the inside. Then soak them in the sink of warm soapy water for about 30 minutes.

3. Once your bottles have soaked for 30 minutes you can go ahead and start peeling off the labels. If they do not come off clean you can use the adhesive remover and an old rag.

4.  After you have removed all of the labels turn the bottles upside down on a dish drying rack until they are completely dry inside and out.

diy tutorial wedding centerpiece

5. Take your white paint and squirt it into the neck of the bottle until you see it dripping down the inside of the bottle. Repeat this on all of the bottles and let them dry.

6. Once your paint has completely dried wrap the bottle of each bottle with the white lace ribbon and secure the ends with a dab of hot glue.

7. Now fill your wine bottle vases 1/2 with water.

8. Cut the Queen Anne’s Lace at a 45 degree angle using your floral knife or clippers to the height that you would like by holding it up next to the wine bottles to measure the length.

wine bottle centerpiece diy tutorial


– You can use your favorite flower instead – just make sure that width of the stem will fit into the thin neck of the wine bottle.

– I used green wine bottles but you can change the look drastically by using clear wine bottles.



– Adhesive Remover: Local Hardware Store
– Dish Drying Rack: Target
– White Paint: Local Craft Store or Michael’s
– White Lace Ribbon: Local Floral Supply Store or Michael’s
– Scissors: Local Craft Store or Michael’s
– Hot Glue Gun: Local Craft Store or Michael’s
– Glue Sticks: Local Craft Store or Michael’s
– 1 Bunch Queen Anne’s Lace: Local Floral Market or Store
– Floral Knife or Clippers: Local Floral Supply Store


P.S. A big thank you goes out to Camryn Clair for shooting this tutorial!