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colorful dessert table

Melanie Monroe of Gypsy + Hippie Mama and her friend Ani celebrated their sons’ special one year with an Elephant & Indian Inspired First Birthday! It was a vibrant joint party in the park with bright colors, ethnic food & sweets and totally cute party ideas! The candy coated fennel seeds, gold elephant smash cake toppers and pink + orange table canopy are just a few of my favorite things. :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Mango lassi drinks and candy coated fennel seeds
  • hand cut glitter high chair names + striped blue favor bags
  • Colorful crepe paper streamer dessert table backdrop
  • Party bubbles and DIY red pipe cleaner wands
  • Elephant bean bag toss game + notebooks for guests to sign

ethnic candy

elephant party game

party ideas

fruit skewers

chocolate cupcakes

blue elephant decoration

mango lassi

high chair decor

backyard birthday


party favors


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Melanie

This was an Indian inspired First Birthday in the park featuring elephants. It was a dual party (two 1 year olds). The color scheme was hot pink, orange, teal, & gold. We had it at the fabulous Kings Road Park in West Hollywood, CA. We served amazing, authentic Indian food & delicious desserts. We had an elephant bean bag toss game, a craft station where kids could decorate their own elephants, and homemade bubbles with heart shaped pipe cleaner wands. There were hanging photo galleries of the babies’ first year, and personalized books for guests to write love notes to the birthday boys.

a gorgeous streamer backdrop, confetti balloons, streamers/fringe for jumbo balloons, hand cut glitter names on the highchairs, the printables, and all of the food and desserts. The favors were striped bags filled with Animal Crackers and yogurt stars.

Daler bora (spicy lentil fritters), Paneer Wraps, Aloo gobi (cauliflower potato curry), Papdi chaat (yogurt based street snack), Vegetable biryani (vegetable rice dish), Raita (yogurt cucumber dip). Indian tea sandwiches, Mango chutney & white cheddar covered crackers, Samosa Chole (veggie samosa with chickpea curry), Dahl (lentil curry), Spicy chickpeas, Jahl Muri (spicy rice puffs), Indian spicy potato chip sticks, “elephant” Sun butter and jam sandwiches, Watermelon & Cantaloupe skewers.

Jilipi, Candy coated Marshmallow pops, Mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich pops, chocolate cupcakes, Cake batter Rice Krispie treats, Candy coated fennel seeds.

Mango Lassi

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