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Flamingos & Pineapples Weaving Craft Party

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flamingo and pineapple party cookies

We have been seeing a ton of flamingo parties lately (we even threw one ourselves!) and pineapples have been a huge trend this summer! Since both are tropical, it makes perfect sense to combine them and create one big stylish Flamingos & Pineapples Weaving Craft PartyAshley Carson of Ashley Thunder Events hosts monthly craft parties for whoever signs up (an idea I just love), and this month’s party featured wall weaving! She also recently hosted this DIY Dreamcatchers party — sign me up for the next one! ;)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

– Brightly colored honeycombs & pinwheels cluster with pineapple poms over the fireplace
– Amazingly detailed flamingo & pineapple cookies + pipe cleaner flamingo topped toothpicks
– DIY potato stamped pineapple tablecloth + lush pineapple floral centerpieces
– ‘You are the pineapple of my eye’ calligraphy print + pineapple tops decorated drink dispensers

DIY pineapple stamped tablecloth

bright tropical honeycomb pom cluster

DIY pipe cleaner flamingo

flamingo party with weaving crafts

pineapple of my eye print

pineapple flower centerpiece

tropical party tablescape decor

girls crafting party ideas

loom weaving craft


PARTY DETAILS as told by Ashley

Each month, we at Ashley Thunder Events host a craft night (such as the Dreamcatcher Craft Night recently featured), where people sign up for the specific month’s craft, and all supplies, snacks, and drinks are included! Due to the extremely long winter us Indiana people have had, I decided I wanted this month’s theme to be super ‘summery’ and a lot of fun! For a while now, I have had the idea of doing pineapple centerpieces, and with this month being a wall weaving, I thought the texture of the pineapple skin fit perfectly into that theme…. and why not add some fun flamingos too!

I always have local vendors, and they never disappoint! Thode Floral KILLED it on the centerpiece and as usual Rock’n Sugar Confections made the most AWESOME cookies! I also included some personal DIY’s as I always try and do, and I think the DIY potato stamp pineapple table cloths took the cake! One of my favorite venues is The Red Barn Experience, and I loved making the honeycomb pineapple fireplace installation; rustic meets modern and colorful!



– Photos: Balee Images
– Pineapple Flower Centerpieces: Thode Floral
– Flamingo & Pineapple Cookies: Rock’n Sugar Confections
– Venue: The Red Barn Experience
– Styling: Ashley Thunder Events


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    Flamingos & Pineapples Weaving Craft Party http://t.co/EmlNsfBIml

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    A flamingos & pineapples themed party??!?! Sounds like vacation!! via @HWTM_Jenn

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