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Aaah – the bachelorette party…the one chance other than Halloween that you and your girls get to dress like video stars, adorn yourself with body glitter and neon eyeshadow and don feather boas or hot pink cowboy hats in public without looking like complete idiots. Aside from the actual wedding day, the bachelorette party is often the most-looked-forward-to wedding celebration for both the bride AND her friends!

The past few years of my life could be dubbed "the wedding era" – and with so many people getting hitched – I’ve just celebrated the 10th bachelorette party with my friends. For those of you looking for some creative bachelorette party ideas, here are some of my favorites:

1. Dress in "uniform".
For some reason when everyone is in "character" or "uniform" it puts everyone in the party mode and usually makes for good laughs. It can be as elaborate as School Girls, Punk Princesses, Mardi Gras, or Flapper/Burlesque – or as easy as everyone dressing in the same color and wearing something fun like feather boas, cowgirl hats, sashes, fishnets or wigs. At the bachelorette party I just went to, we all wore flashing rings on our right-hand ring fingers. These were so fun and are very inexpensive. The feather boas at bachelorettesuperstore.com are full and such good quality for only $6.95 each! Or check out DreamAngels.net for boas in almost every color and color combo you could imagine. (Tip: the colored boas actually stand out a lot more when you’re out than the black). If you’re doing a destination trip like Las Vegas, you can carry the theme idea on throughout the weekend – wear hawaiian leis to the pool, have personalized bachelorette party t-shirts made at Custom Ink or Custom Glam Girl to wear during the day, etc.

Make sure to somehow set the bride-to-be apart so she stands out from everyone else. For example, have her dress in white or hot pink while everyone else wears black. If you’re wearing boas – give her a different color – and don’t forget her veil! (see tip #5)

2. Start the night off right!
Even if you’re going out for the festivities, kick things off with a cocktail party at home or in your hotel room. Decorate the room to be both fun and kitschy at the same time. I’ve had the most fun at cocktail parties that don’t try to be too"fancy"…for bachelorette parties, it’s all about Vegas-style, over-the-top, cheezy glitz and glamour. Hang christmas lights (colored or white), adorn the room in hot pink and black, rent cheetah-print tablecloths, and find every excuse to use glitter, rhinestones, and fake diamonds! For Adult-themed decorations and paraphanalia, check out these websites: bachelorettesuperstore.com , bachelorette.com , bachelorettepartyfun.com

3. Cocktails, Anyone?
Serve a signature drink at the cocktail party. Incorporate it with your theme and color if you can – and by all means make it fun (and easy)! Here are some ideas:

• Martini Madness – serve Cosmopolitans or Watermelon martinis (a splash of watermelon pucker and vodka) and line the martini glasses with pink rimming sugar.

• Champagne wishes – Serve almond or strawberry champagne. Embellish champagne glass with strawberries. Toast the bride!

• Naughty Nights – make "Screaming Orgasms " embellished with marachino cherries. Serve in martini glasses adorned with black boas (see details in tip #4)

• Wine and Wigs – Just like it sounds! Ask everyone to wear a wig (makes for great photo opps!) and serve red and white wine to your "new" friends.

• Jazz up standard well drinks with kitschy ice! Everyone will get a kick out of Playboy Bunny Ice Cubes – or seriously light up the drinks with flashing ice cubes .

4. Make the cocktail glass as much fun as the cocktail!
• Sass-up martini glasses with hot pink or black boas. You can buy hot pink or blue plastic martini glasses as Party City or most local party-supply stores. Hot-glue a piece of black feather boa (the smaller boas – not full-feather) all the way around the bottom of the martini glass stem. Adorable and easy!

• To play up the "glamour" factor of champage glasses, hot-glue colored rhinestones to the base of the glass or wrap the stem in glittered Westrim Chenille Stems .

• If you’re using a regular drinking glass, black lace or black and white garter ribbon (available at fabric stores) wrapped around the center of the glass looks fun and sexy. Embellish the trim with a small red or pink bow for a burlesque-y feel. This also works well for plastic red, black or pink drinking cups.

And why stop at the glasses when the cocktail napkins can be clever too? Check out these clever "Mr. Right " napkins from plum party.

5. The Bachelorette Veil!
The most stress-free way I’ve found to create the bride-to-be’s veil is to purchase a ready-made veil (usually $20 – $30) from Michael’s Arts and Crafts or another craft store and decorate it with ribbon, rhinestones, feathers, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Veils that are already trimmed with white ribbon make it easy for you to hot glue another more fun and decorative ribbon on top of the original to trim the veil. Some ideas for trim: animal-print, hot pink and black, metallic gold, garter ribbon, or beaded fringe. (all available at fabric and craft stores). A tip for glueing rhinestones and confetti to the tulle portion of the veil: opt for regular school glue (think Elmer’s) to affix the embellishments rather than hot glue. It’s a lot less messy and you’ll have less burned fingers to suffer through. Ouch!

Use a plastic comb or veil to attach the veil to the bride’s hair. Plastic combs provide the most versatility, but headbands are a better option for making the veil stay put if you’re planning to do some serious time on the dance floor!

6. More ideas to decorate the bride-to-be:
• Some SERIOUS Bling! Adorn the BTB with this faux 5-carat rock from Plum Party! Better yet, for only $6.50 each, have the whole party adorn themselves!
• Over-the-top accessories like this Playboy belt with Spinning Rhinestone Bunny Buckle are just the right mix of glitz and edgy humor.
• Think "Pageant Queen" with showy bachlorette-themed sashes and tiaras .

7. Things to do:
• Have a "Passion Party " or Adult-themed "Pajama Party ". These are tupperware-style parties that offer something VERY different than tupperware! The party host comes to your house or hotel room and presents you with a wide variety of adult toys, lotions, lingerie and other instruments promising to "bannish bedroom boredom" that you can order…
• Rent a limo or limo bus and go wine tasting. Wear wigs or feather boas.
• One hot new trend is to gather the girls and take a Pole Dancing or Strip Aerobics class. Too embarrassed to take a public class or can’t find one in your area? No problem – you can purchase a DVD and have the class at your house! Check out these websites for DVDs: AerobicStriptease.com and activevideos.com
• Go to VEGAS…No shortage of trouble to get into there! My favorite thing we’ve done for a bachelorette party in Vegas is the Bachelorette Party dinner package at N9NE Steakhouse at the Palms. It’s a set menu and price per person and the restaurant is so cool, rowdy and fun…not to mention the amazing food! After dinner you get VIP access into RAIN Nightclub – a great bonus as the line to get in is always long!
• Karaoke bars, nightclubs, and fun, loud restaurants are always guaranteed fun!
• Looking for a more "tame" celebration? Have a spa day followed by a cocktail party/lingerie shower.

8. Quick Tips & Advice:
• When going out to eat, remember to go to a restaurant with a rowdy atmosphere where being loud won’t be a problem. Also smart to opt for a reservation that’s later in the evening – when it’s less likely for young children to be present. Unless you’re at a Vegas Casino or have a very mellow group, fancy restaurants should probably be avoided.

• If you’re headed to a club, call ahead a few days before to see what you can do about getting on a guest list or ask a friend that might be able to pull strings to hook you up. Many clubs will give special treatment to all-girl groups. There’s nothing that will kill the party mood faster than waiting in a 2-hour line to get in.

• Remember to keep the focus on the bride-to-be. This is HER weekend, so keep her interests in mind when planning what restaurants to eat at, what types of drinks to serve, and what kind of activities and entertainment she will or won’t enjoy. You want to have fun and embarrass her a little but not traumatize her! Everyone’s personality is different, so this should be the first thing you consider when getting started with your planning.

• Don’t forget your camera! This is one type of party guaranteed to be packed with Kodak moments!