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spray paint can cupcake

Get ready for some funky beats & eats! Set in the cool FroYo shop, YoLove, aunt DJ $mile (Nicole) of Million Dollar $mile Celebrations brought in a crazy colors and spray paint fun for her niece’s Funky & NEON Graffiti First Birthday. Those  “aluminum spray can” cupcakes with rock candy “paint spray” are amazing!! (To see more of Nicole’s incredibly creative party ideas click here and here!)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Graffiti tagged sugar cookies, pillows, lanterns & cupcake toppers
  • White patterned cake pops on neon silly straws & dipped mallows on glow sticks!
  • Neon green frame with hand painted spoons hung by chicken wire
  • Airbrush artist with take-home canvas art + silly string favors
  • Neon rainbow layered cake, silver + hot pink filled macarons and graffiti cookie dessert labels

metallic sprayed desserts

graffiti rainbow cake

electric graffiti dessert table

electric graffiti cupcake topper

neon ice cream first birthday

spray paint desserts

neon dessert pops


neon graffiti silly string cans


PARTY DETAILS, as told by Nicole

She is spunky. Her older brother is super fly. Her parents are funky-fresh with a thrill for throwback. And, her aunt (I’ll call myself DJ $mile) had a crazy idea for a not-so-typical baby’s 1st birthday party. It started out with the word… ‘graffiti’! Then, we added ‘neon’ and ‘spray paint’ to the mix. We included a splash of ‘hip hop’ and topped it off with ‘art gallery’ and ‘frozen yogurt’!  What did we come up with???

Grace’s Electric Birthday Bash with Cool Treats and Urban Beats!

We hosted the party at the coolest FroYo shop in Arizona, YoLove. We adored their FREE party room and were inspired by the bright acrylic walls, metal benches and delicious frozen yogurt treats. We wanted to set the stage for a trendy & throwback celebration. We emptied several bottles of spray paint tagging everything from the invitations to pillows… paper lanterns to cupcake toppers. We even spray painted two amazing floral centerpieces created by Lux Wedding Florist. The party room accommodated a 360° dessert table with goodies all the way around the vibrant space, a lounge area to sit and chill with a cool treat, and a beat-pumping, vinyl-spinning turntablist!  Yes, a DJ (the real old-school kind)!  And if wasn’t enough, we invited an airbrush artist to come and spray the kiddos names old-school graffiti style on keepsake canvases, as well as mess and giggle making silly string spray cans. All this captured by my home girl Kacey at About Love Inspired Photography.

All guests created their own masterpieces filling a bowl with 10+ flavor varieties of frozen yogurt and topping it off with candies, fruits, sauces and syrups. DJ $mile (yes, I am now referring to myself in third person) enjoyed a re-mix of Dreamsicle, Hawaiian Delight, and Lemon topped with fresh raspberries and a shot of sprinkles! YUM! Each savory spoonful was delivered by a hand-painted neon spoon custom made by Grandmaster Grandma Dianne! Go Grandma, Go Grandma! In addition to the froyo, we envisioned a treat table like no other. We fell in love with the idea of Duff’s Edible Spray Paint and wanted guests to tag their treats. For that reason, we had a very talented group of ladies make and bake up some awesomely amazing eats in the color white with a splash of neon. Sugarlips Cakery created the centerpiece cake… a neon layered cake topped with airbrushed artwork displaying the birthday girl’s name.  Sugarlips also baked up cupcakes that we transformed into faux spray cans, topped with an actual nozzle ‘spraying out’ rock candy. Laurie + Jordan adorned the table with mini treats that were delicious as they were detailed. This mother and daughter duo created cake pops on crazy straws (thanks Lynlee’s Petite Cakes for the interesting idea), tiny 2-tiered mini birthday cakes piped with neon pink icing, and silver-sprayed macaroons filled with hot pink ganache! These girls sure know how to pastry and party!! Casey’s Confections frosted up the canvas cookies in which the guests could spray their sweet using Duff’s stuff as well as intricate airbrushed stand-up and stand-out sweets. Glass vases filled with sweets showcased Popcornopolis’ chocolate dipped mallows on glow sticks and rock candy.

Of course, the Tinker family celebrated the Million Dollar $mile way by asking guests to bring donations instead of gifts for Birthday Girl, Grace. Although Grace received many hugs, kisses, and well wishes, two families close to the Tinkers’ hearts that are currently battling Cancer received the gifts to help keep up the fight!

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