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the hunger games movie inspired mockingjay pin diy tutorial with gold spray paint

For those of you that are fans of The Hunger Games, the inspiration behind this DIY table backdrop (or home photo booth backdrop) should be obvious at a glance! One thing that might not be so obvious, though – is how wonderfully affordable this was to create… which means adding lots of creative “fire” to your Hunger Games Party without burning through your entire budget!

Standard crepe paper streamers and sparkly red tulle were used to represent Katniss’s “Girl on Fire” persona, while spray painted embroidery hoops ($1 to $1.50 depending on size and paper mockingjay silhouettes brought the giant “Mockingjay Pins” to life. Wooden dowels and feathers were used to create the arrows. Scroll down for more step by step info + links to download the large and small mockingjay silhouettes!

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the hunger games mockingjay pin backdrop



(This is the list of materials needed to create the exact same backdrop pictured here, with 3 large mockingjays and 2 smaller ones. You can always adjust the quantities, depending on the size of your own backdrop.)


For the Mockingjay Pins:
– 3 Large Embroidery Hoops
– 2 Small Embroidery Hoops
– 5 Wooden Dowels
– 10 Small Wooden Hearts (sold in packs at craft stores)
– 10 Feathers
– Gold Spray Paint
– Free Printable Mockingjay Silhouettes
Note: Due to size, the mockingjay silhouettes are formatted on 11×17 paper. If your printer doesn’t feed tabloid sized paper, I recommend printing them out at FedEx Office or a similar place.

For the Backdrop:
– Red, Orange & Yellow Crepe Paper Streamers
– Red Sparkly Tulle  (I used 2 rolls)
– Clear Fishing Wire
– Scissors, Tape, Hot Glue Gun



1. Cut out the mockingjay silhouettes.

2. Create arrows by hot gluing 2 wooden hearts to one end of each wooden dowel for the “tip” of the arrow, then add 2 feathers to the opposite end.

3. Give the mockinjay silhouette, DIY arrow and embroidery hoop a coat of shimmery metallic gold spray paint.

3. When everything is dry, use 3D glue dots or hot glue to attach the mockingjays and arrows to the hoops. Done!



1. Cut a long streamer of red crepe paper. Tape one end to the wall or around a curtain rod, and let the other end hang down to the floor or underneath your buffet table. Repeat until the entire width of your backdrop has been covered.

2. Next, accent the red backdrop with orange and yellow streamers. You only need a few of these to add color variation and depth (only 6 orange and 4 yellow streamers were used in the example in the pictures).

3. Finally, add the sparkly tulle. Cut strips of tulle the same length as your streamers and knot them at both ends for a more “crinkly”, flame like look, as opposed to them lying completely flat. (Hide the knots at the top by taping them to the back of the curtain rod or burying them under the crepe paper.) Do this until you feel like enough sparkle is achieved!


the hunger games mockingjay pin backdrop on crepe paper flames