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Kentucky Derby® Party DIY: Wine Glass “Fascinators”

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Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

It’s THAT time of year again already! And I’m excited to kick off a series of Kentucky Derby® DIY Tutorials today with this fun little project that’s actually a follow up to one of last year’s ideas too… (the Southern Belle Stemware, where we used felt and feathers to turn wine glass bases into ladies hats).

Since the theme of my newest collaboration with 14 Hands Wine is “Derby Style”, it made sense to draw inspiration from Derby fashion again, but I also wanted to come up with something new… so the result is these chic little Wine Glass “Fascinators” for the ladies (+ super easy printable paper ties for the guys!).

This is definitely a “wow factor for your party” project that isn’t hard, BUT the elements are small, so it does require a bit of patience. It’s also very versatile; as long as you have the key materials on hand – in whatever styles/colors match your party – you can switch up the details as much as you like, and have fun channeling your inner fashion designer!


Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

You’ll Need:

  • Felted Wool Balls for the base of the “fascinator” (I used the 20mm size)
  • Small artificial flowers
  • Decorative netting and/or tulle
  • Feathers
  • Tools: hot glue gun, scissors, 3D glue dots (not pictured above)

Embellishments (optional):

I used the following embellishments throughout all 9 of my Fascinators* (but not all at once): craft rhinestones, mini paper flowers, pearl stamens, and paper fasteners. All of the supplies were purchased at Michaels.

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

You can of course pick and choose which embellishments most speak to you. It’s a good idea to vary your designs a bit so that they look different from each other… this way they can serve as drink markers for your guests glasses as well!

Cut your felted wood balls into 3 even-ish “slices”. You can use all 3 of the slices as foundations for your fascinators, so you should be able to get 3 out of each wool ball. The middle slice will be flat, while the top and bottom will be flat on the bottom with a rounded dome on the top.

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

Add a flower detail to the top of the “hat”. In the example shown here, I pulled small artificial flowers apart and just used one layer of petals for my flower detail, then attached it to the felt base with a standard office supply paper fastener. Hot glue works too though!

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

As a side note – you can also use tiny paper flowers from the scrapbook aisle instead of artificial flowers too, in which case you’d just secure the flower with hot glue.

Next, use a 3D glue dot (or Zot) to attach the fascinator to the base of your glass. I like to do this before adding the tulle, because it’s easier to control the design and placement of the tulle and feathers when the fascinator is already attached.

Once the fascinator base is attached to the wine glass, bunch up a little piece of tulle or netting, secure it with hot glue, and pop in a feather accent if you’d like!

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

I also added a bit more “glam” with some adhesive rhinestones for the flower centers. You can go even more crazy with details too, like adding little flower stamens or additional layers of netting, etc, but it’s also stylish and chic to just keep things simple, like so:

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

Now that your wine glasses are decked out, all you need is the WINE! And when it comes to Kentucky Derby® parties, I’m pretty sure the choice of wine doesn’t get much better than this… ;)

Kentucky Derby Party DIY - Wine Glass Fascinators

Click here to find the Kentucky Derby® Red Blend or your other favorite 14 Hands wines at a store near you. CHEERS! :)

P.S. Find lots more “Derby Style” party inspiration right here.

Derby Style Party Printables

Planning a Kentucky Derby party? Check out my Derby Style printables! They make it so EASY to add pro designer style and personalization to your event. It’s like branding for your party! 🙌 Click here to shop now.

Derby Style Party Printables


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