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Little Monster Party Centerpiece

These festive little monsters are dressed to party… and so cute it’s scary!

Tissue Festooning (also referred to as “Tissue Fringe Garland”) is the trick to the playful “piñata inspired” look of these monsters. This easy DIY craft will add such a fun touch to your favorite little monster’s birthday party!

Cute Monster Party - Monster Centerpiece Yellow



You’ll need:

  • Small Boxes (6”, 4”, and 3” tall boxes used here)
  • Tissue Festooning*
  • Wiggle Eyes (in the sizes of your choice)
  • Stiffened Felt**
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Mini Party Hats

*Tissue Festooning is sold in rolls and can be found at tons of online stores like this one (priced well at around $3 per roll!) and also on Etsy.

**I used a multi-color stiff felt pack from Target for this project. You can also find stiffened felt on Amazon, at craft stores, etc.


  1. Wrap the boxes with tissue festooning, securing it with hot glue as you go. Cover all sides of each box except for the bottom, which should be left bare to ensure the characters sit flat.
  2. Add the wiggle eyes, securing with hot glue.
  3. Cut out monster mouths, arms, and ears/horns from the stiff felt and add them to each box, securing each piece with hot glue.
  4. Add a mini party hat! 🥳 If your boxes are small enough, you can just wrap the elastic band from your mini party hat around the box to secure it. If not, you can use hot glue. (There are tons of mini party hats available in packs online, or you can also DIY them. ✂️)

Cute Monster Party - Monster Centerpiece Green

Cute Monster Party - Monster Centerpiece Blue