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DIY wooden truck photo booth prop

Hello fellow party enthusiasts! Rachel here from RV Parties. As the mother of four small children, it seems like I’m always planning the next birthday party! To save myself time and money, I’m always brainstorming ways to get multiple uses out of items — whether it’s using the same color scheme at multiple parties to reuse decor, or in today’s case — modifying a large photo prop to be used at two very different parties: a Lego Police Party and a Donut Party!

I love the way large plywood photo props look at parties. They add so much character, and in the age of selfies, everyone wants a picture with them! Undertaking the process of cutting out photo props and painting them is huge, so I decided if I was going to make a large photo prop, I needed to figure out a way to get a second use out of it…

My four-year-old wanted a Donut Party and my six-year-old wanted a Lego Police party — although there didn’t seem to be many overlapping elements that would allow me to make a photo prop that could be used twice.

My creative solution was to make a donut truck and then turn it into a a police truck — it required minimal extra cutting and painting and was a huge hit at both parties! Here’s a peek at the donut truck:

DIY wooden kids play truck photo booth prop

And then after the first party, we simply cut the donut off the top, straightened out the awning over the window and put on a few more quick coats of paint!

wooden police car photo booth

Both boys were so excited about their truck!Keep scrolling to check out more photos of each awesome day (including an amazing DIY donut piñata)…

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