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monster theme birthday cake

From the dozens of googly eyes and colorful candies to adorable felt monsters, Deliene of Belo Papel designed the cutest Monster Themed Birthday Party for her son Pedro’s 4th birthday! A red, purple, orange and blue color palette is so vibrant and fun- especially in the backdrop and mini dessert cups! (For more Monster Party Ideas go here and here!)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Fuzzy headbands, monster lollipops, color coded candies and multicolor layered jello cups
  • Incredible cake with lots of teeth, googly eyes and colorful polka dots
  • Sticker decorated buckets with MONSTERously cute felt dolls by Maria Jujuba

monster dessert table

monster plushie

fuzzy headbands for a mosnter birthday party

monster cups

monster candies

monster lollipops

stripe straws

monster theme party

monster party

monster doll party favors


monster cake

monster cake

PARTY DETAILS, as told by Deliene

This party, I produced for the 4th anniversary of my son Peter. It was he who gave the idea for the name “Monsters have fun with Peter”. Preparations began shortly before the party three years of Peter, the “Le Petit Prince Pedro party”. The colors were orange, purple, blue and green.

On the table, a cake made in biscuit inspired by a cake from Cakes With Attitude, monsters felt, tubes with sweets, little jars with M & M’s, boxes transparent with marshmallow, decorated caramel lollipops, brigadeiros gourmet, little cups with colored brigadeiro, colored home made gelatin.

For children, plastic jars with microwave popcorn, chart stickers, candy and gum, cookie, and a cute felt monster to be adopted.