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Custom I Am Loved Gift for Mom

If you’re looking for a creative way to personalize gifts for Mother’s Day (or any day, really!) I’ve got just the thing. ;) These projects were customized with my Wild Rose Cricut Explore Air 2, and I’m including my “cut image” design files as free downloads below. You can use these design files to easily recreate this look using your own colors and patterns of choice!

And if you’d like to recreate this EXACT look, we can make that happen, too! Shopping resources are included below as well.

About These Pretty Patterns…

The beautiful patterned vinyls and papers featured here were designed by my friend Natalie Malan, who – in addition to being a fabulous illustrator – also happens to be a mother of 4 herself!

The patterns are part of an extensive line she designed for Cricut that is available exclusively at Joann stores right now. I used the Belle Citron Vinyl and Belle Citron Deluxe Paper for these projects. This floral pattern felt especially perfect for Mother’s Day, and definitely looked like something my own mom would love…

Mother's Day Gift Cut Files - Quotes

The Message Behind the Gift

When it comes to gifting, I pretty much ALWAYS tend to overthink things and stress on getting the gifts “just right” – whether they’re DIY gifts or store-bought. But for this project I decided to pause on all that overthinking and focus on the sentiment behind the gift instead. Gifting is all about making the recipient feel valued and loved after all… so the inspiration of this project became exactly that. 💖

In addition to the “I am loved” design, I laid out two other “mom inspired” quotes and some accent details to match. (These files are also included in the downloads.) For the matching water bottle, I opted to keep the look simple and modern… and really love how it turned out!

DIY Water Bottle Gift for Mom

For the personalized name on the water bottle and journal inside cover, I used a font called Bohema Spirit. The consistent thickness of the letters made it really easy to weed, which is always a plus!

A Helpful Tip…

I also cut some vinyl text that was very small, which always makes me a little nervous. (The graphic designer in me always wants that fantastic contrast between big and small text, though!) Luckily, Tara from Rad and Happy passed along a tip the other day that HELPED SO MUCH with getting these to cooperate. Use a ruler (or similar tool with a credit-card-like thickness) to help keep small vinyl details flat while you pull the paper backing or transfer tape off.

DIY Mother's Day Cut Files

And also you gotta make yourself work SLOWLY… as opposed to ripping the paper/tape off like a bandaid, which is my personal instinct. The patience is worth it though. ;) Here’s how the smaller journals turned out:

DIY Journal for Mother's Day

All of the journals (and the rose gold water bottle) were purchased at Target. The smaller ones are Moleskine brand and came in a 2-pack (for $14.99) of mint green + teal. There are lots of other colors options as well. I think they’re a nice size for keeping in your purse, work bag, etc.

Cricut Mother's Day Project Idea

Details, Details

I’m definitely a fan of the “little things”, and this rings true with DIY gifts too. Print extra leaves and hearts and scale them up and down to put your creative stamp all over your gift! You can use them to make coordinating cards and gift tags, too.

Personalized Journals with Cricut

Personalize Water Bottle with Cricut

I went back and forth on whether the main design should say “you are loved” or “I am loved”. While either would probably work, I liked the idea of the gift reading like a personal mantra every time they look at it, so I settled on the latter.

I am loved journal - free printable

Free Cut File Downloads

Click here to download the cut files for these projects to use in Cricut Design Space.

You can use the entire “I am loved” cut image design on your projects or break it apart into pieces. That’s the beauty of the Cricut brand – it really gives you the power to make things your own. 🙌 You can also use these designs on other things – shirts, tote bags, mugs, wine glasses, etc. Have fun, and Happy Mother’s Day!

mom quote gift DIY