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oscars viewing party DIY tuxedo confetti poppers

The 2014 Oscars are coming up this weekend, which means one very fun thing for those of us watching from home: viewing parties! Oscars viewing parties are always a great excuse to get together with friends and watch entertaining TV, and Kristi Murphy is taking it up a notch with these ridiculously cute Tuxedo Confetti Poppers, which will really make your Oscars party POP (pun intended ;-). The best part is they will only take you a few minutes to make! See the full step by step tutorial below.



by Kristi Murphy


– Treat Pops
– Glue Gun
– Hole Punch
– Scissors
– Ruler
– Wide Black Ribbon
– Thin Black Ribbon
– Gold Contact Paper or Gold Paper
– Black Paper or Cardstock
– White Paper
– Confetti (not shown)

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Popper Supplies


1. Cut a piece of the big ribbon about 4.5″ long. Fold the ribbon in a circle and glue the ends together.

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

2. Cut a piece of the thin black ribbon to about 1.5.” Wrap the thin ribbon around the center of the wide ribbon to make a bow tie. Trim and glue the ends together.

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

3. Punch holes into the black paper or card stock.

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

4. Measure the height of your treat pops. Cut a piece of white paper to that height. If you are using the recommended treat pops, it will be about 3.25.”

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

5. Wrap the white paper around the treat pops and glue in place. Glue the bow tie onto the white paper. Glue the black circles onto the white paper.

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

6. Measure the height of the treat pop stick. Make sure the stick is all the way pulled out, so it clicks into place (the square is in the square hole). Cut gold paper to size to wrap around the stick. Wrap the gold paper around the stick and glue into place.

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

7. Fill the top with confetti. Put the cap on. When you are ready to party, take the top off, and push up the stick with some force to let the confetti fly!

DIY Tuxedo Confetti Poppers

DIY Oscars Party Confetti Popper

Thanks so much for sharing Kristi! To see more of Kristi’s beautiful DIYs, as well as her impeccable style and home decor tips, go to her site here.