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pirate dessert table

Yo ho, let’s go! Heather Varela fearlessly crafted this Shipwreck Inspired Backyard Pirate Party for her son’s birthday! And as any great captain would say, she couldn’t have done it without her loyal crew (a.k.a her wonderful family!) pitching in to help create all the DIY decor & homemade food. The wooden signs, classic pirate stripes + eye patches and nautical dessert table bunting make this party a true treasure! :)

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Pirate inspired dessert table with a rustic ship’s helm, buoys & nautical inspired canvas banner
  • Pirate ship jello cups and pirate themed bananas dressed up with eyepatches and bandanas
  • “Dress Like a Matey” pirate costume station + “Walk the Plank” party activity

banana pirates

pirate mustache eye patch

burlap mason jar decoration

pirate party drinks

beware pirate lunch

matey pirate dress up activity

pirate ship drinks

walk the plank

anchor t-shirt



PARTY DETAILS, as told by Heather

As with all my parties, they are truly a family affair. I couldn’t have done it without their help with set up, décor and food! I never use a catering service (way too tight of a budget!), so everything you see is homemade by some member of the family!

Walk the plank and other wooden signs were all made on discarded shingles from the local lumberyard (they gave them to me for free!). It’s a great way to create rustic signs. I didn’t have any wooden stakes to stand them up, so I asked a friend to attach them to firewood with some burlap to add some extra shipwrecked charm!

Vendor Credit
  • Anchor and Starfish Bunting (made from canvas placemats), Blue and White Bouys: Christmas Tree Shop
  • Pirate Paper Goods (not pictured), Small Rusted Ship Wheel: Hobby Lobby
  • Large Wooden Ship Wheel, Driftwood Garland, 3T Wooden Pulley: borrowed from Migonis Home
  • All Table Fabrics: Joann’s Fabrics
  • Water Bottle Labels: Scott Johnson
  • Dressed-up Bananas, Pirate “ships” on Blue Jello, and Walk the Plank Concepts: Pinterest